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Originally Posted by isuzurover View Post
Paul - you have to be kidding. The whole show was hilarious - and in the same vein as what they have been doing from the start - including getting themselves arrested (they were arrested at the vatican).
I guess I'm just getting old then. I've found myself watching that "Grumpy Old Men" show and nodding in agreement with them

Originally Posted by isuzurover View Post
Clare Hooper is the least funny thing/shebeast on telvision. She should be given the boot asap. I am sure she is only on GNW because she is Paul's bit on the side.
Don't I wish (oops, wrong Paul)... she does have a couple of good points

Hopefully Chaser's will improve or I'll regain my sense of humour. Maybe they could add Clare Hooper to the cast... I'd watch it for sure then.
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