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Old 15th September 2012, 08:44 AM
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Talking 4wd newbie with a freebie1 td4 (01)

hi all just got a td4 first 4wd abd first landie from what i can tell not much has been done i need to find a workshop manual so i can fix things and mod things this is a daily so i stop running the ks up on my statesman am intrested in getting a bit more oomph out of the landie so chip engine mod ect also am intrested in going to 16" rims the car will be mainly on road both black and gravle but would like tyers that will get me somewere if i decide i want to go where there is no road
all up first impressions are fantastic love driving it its a fun vehicle to drive jumped in it last night to get som cash from the atm and 2 hrs later i got home love the stero in it it sounds heeps better than the standard one in the stato
hoping to hear from the wise ppl who have tinkered and owned one for years and learning how to keep mine on the road
btw broke down within 15 mins of buying caryard fixed it it was the sensor problem so that ones done
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Old 7th August 2013, 10:54 AM
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no Freelander Mods for almoust 1 year...
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