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L319 Discovery 3 and 4 D3 (2004-2009) / D4 (2009->) zone is the place for all that specialist D3 / D4 info.

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Old 30th April 2012, 08:39 PM
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Brake controller on D3

Have found I think most of the threads already on this.

The 07 TDV6 that I bought has a Electric brake controller already fitted but a few questions, the wiring is all done as the original post of Sniegy, bar the diode, all connected at the rear LH light area.

Has a Voyager fitted which In am not that wrapped in but it seems to work O.K. I have a problem with the way it is wired, if sitting in the car with foot on the brake pedal, key out, and touch the hand slide on the controller everything comes on ? radio starts and all the dash lights up doing a systems check.

I think they have used 5 core trailer wire to connect which I believe is far too light, 1 cable cut out. All connected to the correct wires at the rear, but the brown wire down to the black trailer socket that the power feed supplies is very light for the job, no one have trouble with it ?

The purple wire that they pick the power feed from is a nice heavy cable but comes from a plug that has a much smaller wire feeding it ??
There is definitely no diode fitted to any wires, maybe why I am getting the back feed ?

This was fitted by the selling dealer in S/Paradise from new, has towed a pony club horse float once a month since they owned it.

I am proposing to run a power feed 6mm auto twin core to the unit from the battery to avoid the long route up from the rear then back again. That will free up 2 wires in the loom that is already there, will join the 3 together (leave the trigger wire connected to brake light circuit as is) give me a bit more more capacity back to the plug but the size of the brown connecting wire to the plug worries me a bit, do I dig it out and replace it all the way to the plug ? is that possible ? or warranted ?

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Old 1st May 2012, 02:34 PM
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Have a look at the manufactures website techonsha (however it is spelt) for the unit install guide. From memory this mention wire size requirements and definatly will show cabling requirements.

I believe you battery supply should be cabled direct from the battery via a resettable circuit breaker to meet regulatory install requirements.

The diode will stop the break controller sending voltage back to the stop light circuit only.
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Old 2nd May 2012, 08:22 PM
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If it was mine & I have just purchased it...I would rip it all out & start afresh.
LR's instructions were to run the cable (all 4 cables to the rear) but if it were mine I would run the black & white to the battery direct via the cct breaker. Then run 2 suitable sized cables to the rear & follow the fitting instructions for the D3 trailer brakes.

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Keep Smilin' Pete.
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Glynhouse (2nd May 2012)
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Old 2nd May 2012, 10:14 PM
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Thanks Sniegy, I was hoping you would appear sooner or later.

I have already run a twin core from the battery to the controller and have a diode but can't test it for a while.
Will source some decent cable to run to the back. Just have to work out how to get it closer to the plug than where it is now.
Have trouble believing this job was installed by an official Land Rover dealer.

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sniegy (3rd May 2012)
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