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Series Land Rovers Chat specifically relating to Series Land Rovers and derivatives.

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Old 23rd February 2011, 05:48 PM
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Standard Paint Codes

A thread to store the standard paint colour codes, not specific to a particular series or model.

The SIII forum has more specific info on SIII colours.

If you have a code PM it to me and we'll update the thread.

Many of the "BS-381c-Camouflage" colours are the specification for UK WWII colours. These were often used in the post-war period, but may not replicate colours used under Australian specifications.

Engine Colour Series 2a/3= Duck Egg Blue BS-4800-16C33
(very similar to Detroit diesel alpine green, made by Dupli-color DE1618)

Bronze Green: 1958 - 1989 - AutoBarn paint initially appears wrong but dries close to original, will do aerosol cans.
Deep Bronze Green: 1999 - 2000 AutoBarn see post below -

Early models Series 1/2/2a = Deep Bronze Green BS-381C-224

Later Models late Series 2a = ? Middle Bronze Green BS-381C-223

NATO Green BS-381c-285

Olive Drab BS-381c-298

Eau-De-Nil (Nile Green) BS-381c-216


The Grenville books mentioned recolour "smoke grey" for a RAN 88" SIIa assuming this was the same grey colour as the OEM 109" sold to the RAN in the same period.
= Smoke Grey BS-381C-692

Camouflage Grey BS-381c-626

Light Aircraft Grey BS-381c-627

Aircraft Grey BS-381c-693

Dark Camouflage Grey BS-381c-629

Dark Admiralty Grey BS-381c-632 (or BS-4800-18B25)

Light Admiralty Grey BS-381c-697

Creams & Yellows

Limestone (hard tops SIIa and sometimes wheels of SIIa) Paint Code:
Rover no. RTC4044A; Dulux (DuCo) D38505 (very slight grey tint courtesy of SIImad)

Limestone hardtops early SIII Duco ????? (slight yellow tint)
For AutoBarn code see image below. courtesy VK3ute

Camouflage Beige BS-381C 389

SIII Camino Gold: Dulux 12137
SIII Bahama Gold: Dulux/Dulon 566 15371
SIII Yellow Devil: Dulux/Dulon 566 17422


RAF Blue/Grey BS-381c-633


Camouflage Desert Sand BS-381c-380

Dark Camouflage Brown BS-381c-436

E&OE - Please let me know if there is an error!



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Old 25th July 2011, 07:48 AM
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The following is the HiChem paint system from my local AustBarn (one of the two paint matching systems they have) if anyone is interested.
We put in an extra 100 grms for two litres going from 896.5 to 996.5.

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Old 26th August 2011, 05:42 PM
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paint code reference

Was trawling the net and found this useful paint guide. Lists colours for both Land Rovers and Range Rovers. Has a year reference, original codes, new tint codes, availibility in different paint mediums. Thought it could be useful for everyone. Rich
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File Type: pdf Landrover paint.pdf (80.2 KB, 336 views)
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Old 13th May 2014, 03:35 PM
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Standard Paint Codes

I have just ordered today ( 13/05/2014 ), two litres of Ascot Bronze Green paint from a Sparex tractor parts supplier in Launceston, this paint is for my collection of series ones.

There is up to a three months wait period for the paint to arrive ( surface transport only ), but the estimate IMHO isn't too bad at just under $40 per litre, this price could drop some more if there was a greater quantity involved.

Ascot Bronze Green is a lighter shade that is near the original Bronze Green the 1950 onward Series ones were painted until Land Rover introduced Deep Bronze Green with the series 2.

I have ordered this paint through the Launceston agent for Bepco, so if you don't want the bother and expense of getting paint mixed, then give Peter at Bepco a ring on (03) 6334 2211 and tell Peter, Arthur sent you.

The paint code is;
Sparex S.82577 Ascot Bronze/Green Paint, 1L Tin, Suitable for Land Rover

I must stress again that the shade of this paint is a different lighter shade to the Deep Bronze Green used on the later series 2.
Cheers Arthur

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