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Thread: Forward Control & Lightweight Info

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    Forward Control & Lightweight Info

    Forward Control website Links.

    9.00 Club Forum - Civilian and Military F/C + 1 Ton Land Rovers (U.K.)

    Quote Originally Posted by Phoenix View Post
    Das Land Rover Man's Forward Control Register Website (U.K.)

    Wouter's Page SIIa F/C site (some s2b info) South Africa

    REMLR 101" F/C page (Australia)

    LR FAQ Website (US) 101" Page

    Martyn's 101F/C Site

    Quote Originally Posted by Numpty's Missus
    VIN Calculator accurate for Forward Control suffix letters

    Classic Land Rovers (Norway) VIN/Chassis Number calculator. Nov 2010: Currently offline after clearing sale of collection, have requested transfer to John Craddock Ltd with collection.

    Remember Clifton LR CalVIN from The Netherlands, has incorrect suffix date information with forward control vehicles.

    Forward Control Images:

    109" Series 2a civilian Forward Control

    (Image provided by Mike Kelly Vic - Owner unknown)

    110" Series 2b civilian Forward Control

    (image: unknown internet source, from file)

    101" military Forward Control

    (101" military Forward Control: Image from LRparts UK)
    Land Rover Llama Forward Control Project (prototype only never went into production)

    (Image courtesy Series 2 Club UK)

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    Further info link

    Guys < snip L-A-L > ive found that chasing up info for my lightweight in Aus was very difficult. I found this site Ex-Military Land Rover Association :: Index which is the pommy version of REMLR. Its a great resource for my vehicle and i figured it would be helpfull for you guys as well seeing how FC 101's are pommy military vehicles.
    AULRO is a great resource but some UK specific stuff is easiest accesed at the source. Hope it helps.

    Post edit: Thanks Mick, good info - Diana (L-A-L)
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    Another one

    Sorry I haven't joined in much recently, I've been busy !!

    A lot of 101'ers tend to build personal sites with their own vehicles and experiences on.

    I decided instead to put some time into building a free open technical resource centre for all 101 owners.Its structured around vehicle components with the explicit parts and workshop manual sections with each one. When i say I've been busy. I've analysed , organised and put into place over 700 pages.

    Utilising a free on-line forum has provided an optimal managed framework, but it is not intended to be a chatty space! But a focussed store of information and solutions.

    The manuals I used are freely available here :-

    pdf Land Rover Manuals |

    Any technical contribution's and comments on taking it forwards would be welcome.

    Home | The101TechnicalForum


    If you think this in anyway contradicts your rules or policies please take it down.




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