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Your friendly local Wolf dealer?

Originally Posted by big dave View Post
gday do you know where to purchase the Jate rings in Australia cheers big dave
The Land Rover part number for the narrow 85 mm JATE ring is RRC3237

The Land Rover part number for the wider 97 mm JATE ring is ZXC9435

I actually think both rings start out as the same forging but the wider one is just ground out 6 mm on each side as I think the forgings are out of the same mould or whatever. The wider one then gets a different part number.

The genuine ones are forged steel? and appear to have a Land Rover part number moulded into one side. The jpg in my post above shows some markings that appear to be the part number RRC3237, and that is on the wider ground out ring, hence my thinking that the wider one is the narrow one, but just ground out.

I see a number of the forged rings on the UK eBay and think they are genuine but ... Some have the 10 mm bolts included, some do not.

I also noted a couple of Land Rover off road suppliers in the States that have them on their web sites but could not find an Australian website that indicated that they may have them.

Cost wise, eBay will be your best bet and as long as you ship by Royal Mail. You should then get them in perhaps three weeks. By FedEx or DHL, well maybe this year, and shipping will cost more than the rings.

Since you now have the part numbers, perhaps your local Wolf dealer has them in "old stock" at pre Australian dollar pricing in a plain brown cardboard box embossed with a coat of arms.
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