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Originally Posted by strangy View Post
I think U.P has a good point.

The extra mods were suggested as being worthwhile but not essential by the ECU supplier.
In reallity the extras are essential for longterm reliability and though it may cost some sales of an ECU upgrade, the customer should be told the full mods required and then reminded that it is on their head if they choose to go only with one aspect.

I agree,although i am usually running a stage 1 upgrade,i think that someone have to buy the whole package.

Some time after the initial tuneup i ended with 3 broken studs maybe an ccident waiting to happen,now i use the stage 1 tune only on winter time and standard on summertime,till i am conviced that a bigger intercooler does worth the money or it won't work as i don't want to go stage 2 or increase the boost pressure.
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