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Originally Posted by The ho har's View Post
Congratulations... 2 series 3's and a 'game' to boot

if you need 'game' stickers we have some very well made genuine ones

Mrs hh
sorry I should have clarified that, I have an 88 and a 109 s3...
the mate who was after a s3 swb, beat me to it and picked up the game... (as I said unique paint job etc...doors have "WOLF CREEK DISMANTLERS, Cheap body parts available" written on them!!)
But he wont be popping in for a while I dont think as he and his lovely wife have just had a baby daughter.. (11lbs+ !! ) their first --

But I shall advise him of the stickers!! (he already has a few l/rover and r/rover vehicles so all good!)

Ill assess these in dec and probably pass them on. sorry too freaky! Series threes have....plastic dashes...and 'outside' head lights !!

or maybe I can swap them for something??? (Diana or Numpty or Dinty or even 69gs?? ...swb or lwb s3 for G/B??? )
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