[QUOTE=Sitec;3070254]So, I am a 'he' for sure, as I have a 'she who must be obeyed'! So, the roof coil. It's aluminium sheet that is approx 2.5m wide, 0.8mm thick and is bought as a one tonne coil. I used to use it when building the UK coachbuilt horse trucks. I wasn't sure it existed over here, as the body I have modified used aluminium sheet and several joins. After a few phone calls, I located the supplier (who happened to be in Adelaide!). Anyway, after we'd had the conversation that I only required 6m of the coil and not a tonne (approx 200m), he suggested I call one of the two users of it. Luckily, one of the users is also in Adelaide! Thanks to Aldom's Truck Body Builders, I now have a piece of roof coil!

Anyway, time for an update. The last few weeks have been spent readying the body for primer. First up was getting the lower floor sheets in.

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Wifetec then gave me a hand with the framework de glue, sand and wipe down. She wasn't best pleased at being on top of a set of steps to reach the right side framework... The joys of a stepped workshop!

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With the workshop de dusted with the leaf blower, and the body framework wiped down, it was time to show it some primer. Several evenings and 6+ litres of paint later had the whole thing primed.

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This morning was spent pondering what to do next... After a few hours lost mapping out a plan of what to do next, I started with the 240v hookup point, and laying a conduit to safely get the cable from the hook up point to the internal switch board.

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Tomorrow will be spent working out how best to use the floor sheets, or rolling out and trimming the roof coil to fit the top!

Thanks, so glad you haven't been sitting on your clacker. Lucky old you to have an Offsider, 'er indoors here would have said "Bugger off it's your project you do it"

It has been an interesting journey thus far, don't stop now. (you may never hear the end of it "if you've wasted all that money" when your indoors needed a new Dishwasher or fancy Vaccy.)