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Thread: Defender Colour Codes

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    Defender Colour Codes

    Thought a thread with the accumulated list of Defender and other 90, 110, 120 and 130 colour codes would be useful. We are not suggesting this list will be 100% accurate but is the information posted by members. Some may not reflect colour codes available in Australia. e.g. the LRC colour codes on the Stephen Hull internet site do not necessarily corrspond to LR Australia colour codes, which may be an artifact of different supply chains in Australia. so caveat emptor E&OE

    Unfortunately, some Australian paint vendors i.e. Autobarn do not recognise LR codes. In which case I will attempt to include Dulux/Du Pont codes where available.

    If unsuccessfull with the term LR code, try LRC ???, it sometimes depends upon the skill of the shop assistant.

    I have included the members name providing the information so members can enquire the source or other information on the paint code.

    2004 = Satin White, Ford Sth Africa, PA3 239 (AULRO member Brute)
    2001 = Chawton White, LR code 156. (AULRO member Scouse)
    1999 = Chawton White LR code 603/NAL/1218 DuPont code: F1413
    1990 - 1998 = Alpine White, LR code 150. (AULRO member Scouse) (Alpine/Savarin White LRC.456 DuPont code: G9588
    Auto One code Rover: LRC.456 Tinter:M34=1,015.2/L + M09=1,048.7/L + M06=1,062.2/L + M02=1,072.5/L
    1984 - 1990 = Ivory/Davos/Chamonix: White, LR code 354, Dulux (2K Acran) code 426-35755

    1975 - 1985 = Arctic White, LR code 273. Note also listed as 10/03/1998 Formula I.D. "616610" (AULRO member dick180641)
    the Description is:- AM1 White H.S.=27.6g + AM7 Black L.S.=1.6g + AM82 Yellow Oxide L.S.=1.4g + AM29 Light Blue=0.0g + AL145 Binder=42.4g + AL146 Binder = 52.0g

    Yellows and Oranges:
    ???? = Golden Yellow, Paint code: PYH-356 (quaddrive Def 90)
    ???? = Tempest Yellow, LR code 217 (AULRO member Scouse)
    Camel Trophy orange = Tangiers Orange, LR code 761 (AULRO member hiline)

    1995 = Red LR code 04 (AULRO member Scouse)

    2001 = Oslo Blue Metallic, LRC644 (AULRO member Jabber)


    to 1998 = Coniston Green, LR code 185 (AULRO member Scouse) LR code 570 (AULRO member sneigy) DuPont: N9901 Unique Cars and Parts Au
    2012 = (110), Keswick Green, LR code 799. (AULRO member Bravo)

    Also try: Landrover Colour Codes & none metallic colour
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