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Thread: Defender service bulletins/messages and recalls 07 and onwards

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    Q421- Oil Pump Failure **JLR RECALL**

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    So expect recall is only current in the UK at this point but perhaps enquire with your local dealer



    Jaguar Land Rover Limited is providing a no-charge Customer Satisfaction Programme to owners of 2012 and 2013 model year Defender vehicles.

    Reason for this programme

    Jaguar Land Rover Limited has contacted us to make us aware of a potential quality concern with your vehicle. It is possible that the low oil pressure warning indicator will remain illuminated after initial ignition on indicator check, flash on and off, or illuminate while driving. This warning indicates a potential failure in the lubrication system. If you experience this warning, stop as soon as safety permits and switch off the engine. Seek qualified assistance before turning on the engine. Engine damage will occur if this warning is ignored.

    What your Land Rover authorised repairer will do

    Your vehicle will require the replacement of the oil pump, oil sump, oil pickup pipe, oil pump outlet pipe and oil filter . The rework action will be undertaken on your vehicle at no charge to you, under the terms of this programme.

    How long will it take?

    The time to repair your vehicle is approximately one and a half hours. However, due to service scheduling requirements, your vehicle may be required for a longer period of time.

    What we are asking you to do

    Call us or your preferred Land Rover authorised repairer without delay, quoting your Vehicle Identification Number (located at the beginning of this letter) and vehicle registration number. Ask for a service date and whether parts are in stock for Customer Satisfaction Programme. If you do not have an authorised repairer, please access Land Rover's Premium 4x4 Vehicles and Luxury SUVs or View Land Rover in your country for authorised repairer addresses, directions and contact details.

    If your Land Rover authorised repairer does not have the parts in stock, they can be ordered before scheduling your service date. Parts would be expected to arrive within a week after ordering.

    When you bring your vehicle in to the Land Rover authorised repairer, please show this letter to the authorised repairer. If you misplace this letter, your authorised repairer will still do the work, free of charge.

    If you have concerns...

    If you have trouble getting your vehicle repaired promptly and without charge, please contact your authorised repairer's Service Manager for assistance.

    If you still have concerns, please contact the Jaguar Land Rover Limited Customer Relationship Centre and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you.

    Call: 0370 850 8447 or (enter telephone number) or (enter telephone number), Office hours: Monday-Friday: 8:30AM - 5:30PM or (enter working days and times).

    Thank you for your attention to this important matter.
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    Recall issued today for 2015 Defenders re front brake line chafing:

    Jaguar Land Rover Australia — 2015 Land Rover Defender | Product Safety Australia

    Product description
    2015 Land Rover Defender

    Identifying features

    VIN (Vehicle identification number)
    Specific vehicles within the VIN range SALLDWBR8FA461900 to SALLDHRP7FA465615

    What are the defects?

    The front brake pipe from the caliper to the flexible brake hose is showing signs of a chafe condition.
    This has occurred on some Defenders that have been subject to an earlier recall (P053 - This may cause brake fluid loss. Brake fluid loss will illuminate a red warning triangle on the instrument cluster instructing the driver to seek qualified assistance before continuing.

    What are the hazards?

    A loss of brake fluid will result in extended brake pedal travel combined with reduced braking performance. Stopping distances will increase. This will also compromise vehicle stability and significantly increase the risk of an accident.

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    Emissions related recall for the defender.Recall N178

    This may not be relevant to those in Australia who own Defenders manufactured from 2011 onwards but here it is.
    Recall N178
    This is from Defender2 site.
    2011 Model 2.4 Defender- Diesel Emissions Upgrade Report post

    Received a letter today from Land Rover, saying 2011 Defenders no longer meet regulatory emissions limits, and offering a software update free of charge, don't know weather to bother as it may affect performance, has anybody else had this notice.
    DEFENDER2.NET - View topic - Recall N178.
    Here is an article on the recall.
    Jaguar Land Rover downplays possible side effects of emissions recall, but no mention of Defender, so it must be very recent.

    ...….and this is my post on the subject on Defender2.
    This is how they want to tackle the issue.
    JLR has made it clear to owners that the recall will not affect power outputs and has released information about what side-effects to expect. On gasoline cars, the stop-start function might operate at lower engine temperatures. Diesel cars could get noisier on cold-starts and could idle at lower revs at junctions. JLR also said owners of diesel cars could see higher consumption of the AdBlue urea additive that reduces exhaust NOx levels. JLR said that “all of the changes have been reviewed and agreed with the VCA,” meaning the certification agency is happy the cars will return to the agreed certification figures
    "Lowering the idle speed on diesels is likely to be a simple fix to drop the fuel consumption by a few grams, but that could affect drivability of the car. “Manufacturers don’t like their car to idle at excessive revs, because it raises CO2, but there is a limit to how far you can bring them down. Too low and the car starts to sound rough and it affects drivability,” Archer said.
    JLR disputed Archer’s claims lowering the idle speed will mean that the cars will be trickier to drive. “The reduction in idle speed is not going to introduce any drivability concerns,” the company said in a statement. “The engine management system ensures that all of the required anti-stall devices are employed to mitigate any drive take-up engine rev deficiency.”
    Here's the full thing.
    Jaguar Land Rover downplays possible side effects of emissions recall
    I don't see the Defender mentioned on this recall list.
    Recall LAND ROVER R/2019/049 - Vehicle Recall UK
    Here is a list of the recalls for Defender in the U.K.
    LAND ROVER DEFENDER Recalls - Vehicle Recall UK
    Mine is a 2011 2.4. I suppose it is being lumped into the same emissions category as the 2011 2.2. This seems a little unfair as the 2.2 has a DPF in the emissions system. As of yet I have had no recall letter (Ireland) but if there is a European rollout it could come later.

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    So is it right to assume the affected vehicles all have a DPF? If so, my 2009 Defender, which doesn't have a DPF, should be unaffected, I assume.
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