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Thread: The "New" Defender, ...Your Thoughts?

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    Yes. Defender traits that should be non negotiable: Being able to see all four corners, upright seating position. Robust no fuss interior, flat floors. Economical, pragmatic, classic proportions, flat sided, high roofline. ...closest right now is G Professional Wagon (tub floor, has drain holes built in). But it doesn't appear economical at $110K+
    ...and it's not a Defender.

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    Well Mr Steane, you'll be pleased to know that after all this talk of Clare Valley Shiraz I decided to visit a dear old friend, Mr Daniel Murphy, this afternoon in search of said libation. And this despite having a Bishop or two lurking in one of the cold, dank corners of the cellar* - and a new Californian Zinfandel that was begging me to taste it.

    My heart was set on a Tim Adams Aberfeldy Shiraz but alas I had to settle for a Jim Barry McRae Wood. Quite a subtle yet satisfyingly complex rendition of the genre which went very well with the standing rib. Whilst waiting for the beef to reach a perfect 54 degrees in the Weber we enjoyed a premier crus Chablis. Some days, life really is good - and those days invariably involve a bottle or two of wine and/or a Defender.


    *May or may or not be a real cellar.

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