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Thread: 300 tdi Defender overheating ?

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    Injection Timing?

    With all the things done to solve this overheating problem would injection timing have any influence on this? I guess the only way to check is to physically look at the timing belt to make sure all timing marks line up.

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    Timing is fine, have just changed belt etc, but no change in getting warm. Doesn't seem to matter, fourth or fifth gear, still climbs at to the 3/4 mark sitting on 85-90kmh.

    Summing it up, I have replaced everything to do with the cooling system, even the heater element, but no change to the symptoms. I will test the coolant for exhaust gases though it doesn't use any coolant so cant be anything major. Will install a more accurate temp gauge and monitor.

    I'm pulling the engine out this weekend to replace clutch so a closer look at air flow will be good.


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