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Thread: 3.2 Up and running!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by grinna1965 View Post
    Funny i thought we would have had more input just goes to show people are only interested in things that cant be done.
    Have you actually read the replies to your original post? There is huge interest in this project. Keep updating. Or, if you are too busy, get someone a little more net savvy to do so. I mean absolutely no disrespect mate, I just feel that you have your head in other things. This project is amazing, and we want to hear about it. Crack on!

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    I think there is a huge amount of interest also.

    After looking at the video today I spent some time trying to work out how much taller the 3.2 is over the Td5 and googled around for Disco2 bonnets with power humps.

    Do you think it would be workable with a Disco2 in Auto spec?

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    Thumbs up

    Less talk, more making it available to buy.

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