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Thread: Defender TD5 ABS and TC help

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    Quote Originally Posted by djam1 View Post
    The only way I can see of getting the shuttle valves out in a Defender without undoing the pipes would be to either remove the mudguard or attack the body with an angle grinder.
    If you did manage to do it you might still need to bleed it not sure.
    I have a mate at work who owns a 200tdi defender. He has offered to lend me a hand and help pull the wings and parts off and have a look and try to replace the shuttle valve first. Will be a few weeks away until we can attempt it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scotty85 View Post
    Really? Is there an actual difference between the Defender and Disco units besides the location of the brake line ports? I know the Disco has the 3rd "Hill Assist Function". I would have thought the ABS brakes would not apply the brake to the correct wheel if the port was routed to the wrong port? I wonder why Land Rover would make the Modulator's different between the 2 types of vehicles if they both worked exactly same? To make extra $$?
    That was my concern as well.

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    Hey Scotty, I've had the same issue for a while. The lights come on or stay off without ant type of pattern. Hope it works out well for you and im keeping a keen eye on the results. Good luck!

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