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Thread: Which radius arms bushes - twin tube or triple tube?

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    change radius arm bushes

    Quote Originally Posted by 86mud View Post
    I'll be in the same boat Simmo. I think mine may still be the originals.

    I'll buy the twin tube design and genuine. So only time will tell how long they will last.

    Getting the old ones out will be the fun part. I just bought a heap of hacksaw blades in case my 20 ton press is not up to the task of pushing the old bushes out.


    I have a spare radius arm and a bush if you want to practice. I kept one of the old radius arms as a rotable spare and gave the other one away. PM me if you want to borrow it.

    be good to hear how you go pressing them out anyhow.

    cheers simmo.

    Some folk say they have problems removing & refitting the radius arms, I did them one side at a time and didn't have much problem, each one took about an hour, a 2 ton hydraulic jack is handy in addition to the trolley jack to "rotate" the axle housing a little. ( chassis supported on axle stands)
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    Ok so I think I found my steering vibration/knock......

    These bushes are stuffed! After watching a few youtube clips on the removal of the bushes I was a little hesitant that I would get the job done on a Sunday afternoon. So the drivers side arm was removed and I set it up in my 20 ton press...slowly but surely both bushes pressed out without too much fuss. Arm cleaned up, new bushes pressed in and arm refitted to truck using new hardware.

    Next it was time to remove the passenger side arm, set it up in the press and first bush removed - this took a bit more effort from the hydraulic press. Went to remove the final bush...and it will not budge. I ran out of time so tonight I will have to resort to a hacksaw to remove the outer collar.

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