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Thread: When to lock CDL

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    If people choose not to engage the CDL then that is entirely up to them after all it is their Landrover and they can use it as they wish.
    However there is some pretty compelling evidence that if in certain situations the CDL is not engaged it can be damaged or you will find it more difficult to proceed with it unlocked.
    Like I sad it is YOUR Landrover But where is the harm in trying using the CDL engaged when off the blacktop to see for yourself if it makes any difference in the way your truck handles or engaging it Before you hit the beach to see if you can finally go past that spot you always seem to end up bogged at.
    It costs absolutely nothing and practically no effort to try this, Besides if the CDL isn't needed then why did LR reinstate them in the D2a's and many people with D2's retro fit them?
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    What is worse for your transfer case, forgetting to engage CDL in high range for a section of perfectly good dirt road, or forgetting to disengage it when you hit the bitumen again? Both are equally plausible considering that most people don't concentrate 100% on every slight change in conditions.

    Oh and as for beach sand, of course that's when you engage CDL, that's a no brainer.

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    So far we’ve only heard of the potential for damage to the transfer case with the CDL unlocked. ...It would be very interesting to hear if anyone has actually suffered transmission wind up, to the extent of damaging the vehicle, as a result of the CDL being locked for too long, on the wrong surface, at the wrong time? Has this happened to anyone?

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    IMHO damage from windup often shows itself at a later date.

    Who can say if those people who have Double Cardans fail have not had extreme wind up prior.
    But the common sense answer would be that this would be a very likely outcome.

    I know of diffs that have failed on the way home after hard offroad trips.

    Personally I once had a FJ40 that I had to reverse for hundreds of metres to be able to shift out of 4WD, and then I broke the knob off the stick doing it. And that was on Fraser island on the old mining road which had many potholes and sand patches.
    Regards Philip A

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