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Thread: Defender vs Tojo 70

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    Quote Originally Posted by 4xsama View Post
    Diesels have been phased in Japanese cities for a number of years now. Tokyo banned diesel in 2003.

    Four of the world's biggest cities to ban diesel by 2025 -

    Why are diesel cars not popular in Japan? - Quora

    Toyota to stop selling diesel cars in Europe, phasing out the vehicles from 2018 onward | The Japan Times

    It could be there will be no investment into smaller diesels by the worlds largest car makers within a few years so a hybrid at least for 4x4's is inevitable.
    Does this mean that by 2025 small diesel 4x4ís will be more or less valuable?

    Will tbe the last of the Defenders and 70 series be collectors items, or scrap?
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    Quote Originally Posted by trout1105 View Post
    I find it hard to imagine a hybrid or EV that is will have the same power/reliability and range of a 79 series V8 with dual tanks.
    Fair comment on the range but reliability should be on par. The introduction of the second energy source in the hybrid opens up a whole new field of moving parts and components to go wrong but think of the Toyota 1HZ engine which was as reliable as a wood burning stove as long as the oil and fuel was good compared to the new Toyota V8's (not to mention all the other electronic aids included). When you think about it, a hybrid should be a good engine. You'd have excellent low down torque as well as good top end power.

    Hydrogen is also a bit of a dark horse too. Toyota, Hyundai and Honda are pouring money into the tech. A best range at the moment in a current hydrogen vehicle is 589km. Not quite 2 tanks in a diesel but given time? Hydrogen fuel stops will also need to be available.
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