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Thread: 130 DC Trays

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    130 DC Trays

    Hi All
    I am looking to build a new tray for my 130 Dual Cab. I would be very keen to see other people's setup for some ideas, please.

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    Here's mine, there used to be lots of photos on my build thread but photo bucket ate them.


    I got it second hand for $400.00. I really like the practicality of it however if I was to build it from scratch I would fit a secondary fuel tank underneath it. There is a ~25 litre water tank at the front of the tray in front of the storage locker that you can see at the back.
    The only other change I would make is to make it 1800 x 1800 instead of 1800 x 1600 (not counting the tyre mounts). Its designed to have no overhang and the back of the tray is almost level with the rear cross member.

    There are some threads on here worth reading about mounting trays as well. Mine is rigidly bolted at the rear cross member and has spring mounts at the front.


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    Pretty happy with mine

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    Iím struggling to find threads where I put mine together
    But simply put on an 1800x1800 size tray between the tray rails you can fit a 70L fuel tank, a 70L water tank, a spare wheel and a small tool drawer.

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    130 DC Trays

    Mine is also a modified second hand tray ďminecorpĒ from a hilux.
    Currently have spare and compressor under it.Iím about modify the front mounts which will let me fit both spares easily underneath.
    My tyres are 285 so It makes the tray quite high, so not great if itís used as a work horse.
    However mine carries a slide on camper and secondary duties as typical Ute and donít find it a problem.
    I could make it lower but then would have to throw the spare/s on a rack (currently the case for 2nd spare) or have excessive overhang to fit them in the tray with camper.

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    This is something I have been considering for a whilst. I have an aluminium tray up the back with a drawer on it but havenít measured where it will sit in terms of height. I want to put a tipping kit on it which will make it sit higher again. Watching with interest.

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    I had Cooma Steel build my tray and they did a great job. We managed to get a spare and water tank underneath, its about 300mm over the rear chassis, but I was conscience of it looking right on the vehicle. I carry approx 600kg up on the headboard and had the tray fixed to the chassis at 6 points. the tray and load is 1250kg and after nearly 2 years I've had no issues with cracking or twisting considering the ute is off road 6 days per week.
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    Mine came off a Patrol and modified to suit. I can fit a pair of 35" tyres under the deck. That raises the deck a bit high for convenient working height but its not a tool of trade for me. First pic was when it was new to me and second pic is set up for touring. The canopy is a steel frame with alu roof and canvas drop sides. The canopy and rear tray area is modular and can be removed in total or each part removed in turn. Suits my needs but is a bit heavy when fully loaded for an extended trip.

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    I was looking into building a tray also, researching it a while ago I got a little overwhelmed with the correct way to mount them to the chassis. Does anyone have any advice on how to do it, or could even snap a photo of their mounts?

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    110 tray swap

    I have just about finished swapping my old corroded steel tray for an aluminium tray with canopy. Managed to pick up a tray and canopy with rear and side windows off a falcon ute. Height is sufficient to get the 225/95 spare under the tray without too much messing around.

    Used the same pickup points as the steel tray. Will post photo's in next few days.

    Seems to travel well with a slightly reduced cabin noise according to SWMBO

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