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Thread: Front Runner Water Tank

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    Front Runner Water Tank


    I am after some information from anyone who has installed the Front Runner Water tank in the rear of their 2007+ 110.

    I don't want to cut a hole on the inside the car and am trying to work out a way of putting a breather into the tank so I can do a reverse fill.

    So I am trying to work out how much space is between the top of the tank and the underside of the guard?


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    Mine is a MY2012.
    There is zero space between the top of the tank and the inside of the guard.
    The tank is held in place somewhat by the fitting that goes thru the top of the guard, but I am sure you can work around that.
    I reckon, your best bet would be to "bespoke " a fitting into the 1-1/2 BSPT in the top of the tank, so it screwed in flush with the top. If you could weld/solder/furgle a filter into this, this would act as a breather.
    The downside is that when you filled it, you'd have water comming out everywhere.
    There is a bit of room between the rear of the tank and the back of the guard you might be able to get a pushin airline fitting with an exit pipe into the top of the side, but you'd have to be careful when gettin it in.
    Just a heads up, the steel holding plate on mine only lasted about 3 years before it rusted out, I've since replaced it with a DIY stainless jobbie.

    Cheers Glen
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