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Thread: No Brake Lights or Front & Rear Indicators

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    I have a 92 as well if you wish to compare anything.

    REMLR 256 / SLOw 4 (P)

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    Hello All,

    I had a closer look at the Defender ute yesterday and the build date is January 1993. I also worked on the front lights. I went from the first photo. No difference in lens colour between the parking light and the indicators. Plus the indicator lens was broken.

    Progress was made after a bit of a fight - a couple of the male bullet fittings did not want to disengage from the female fittings. Two of the wires just pulled out leaving the connection inside the junction. Once they were persuaded to come out a couple of the same bullets were recycled and fitted to the too small a diameter side "repeater" indicator connections. The wires and connectors were soldered and insulated. I also noticed that one of the earth wires had some of the insulation missing so this was taped up.

    After the work I thought I would try my luck with the parkers and the indicators. After some initial hesitation - probably for the first time in years - flash - pause - flash - pause. Both front corners had their indicators and repeaters doing their job. In doing so the rear indicators and parking lights too were brought back into life. Subsequently the front lights are all functional. The rear lights are still the old generic "ute" lights which I intend to replace.

    I did try the "Hazard" light switch and it is seized solid - a replacement has been ordered.

    I have not checked the to see if the reverse lights have jumped into life again.

    Currently, the horn does not work - I have yet to isolate it to test it yet. The rest of the functions on that control stalk work - so it could be just the horn itself.

    With the front and rear parkers and indicators now working it means that some progress has been made on the "To Do" check-list.

    I have also ordered replacement door latches. They are "after market" ones - might even come in a blue box. At nearly $300 for genuine parts on each door I found it a bit hard to justify not buying a clone.

    Kind regards
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