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Thread: 300 TDI front cover

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    300 TDI front cover

    I have just replaced the fan bearing in the front cover of my 300TDI [ spare cover ]
    If anyone has one laying around , could you please measure the distance from the cover gasket face to the pulley flange face .
    I had mine on a steel work bench & measured from the bench [ face of the cover where the gasket goes ] to the flange face [ where the pulley bolts on ] . steel rule across the flange face & measured down to the bench , mine measured 93mm .
    Also from reading other posts , there seems to be a couple of different seals that go in this cover , are the covers all the same ? Do both types of seal fit any cover ?
    My spare cover has a metal / rubber combination seal , the only seal I have on hand is all rubber , looks thinner .
    Obviously can't see the seal in the cover on the motor [ still in place ]
    I have seen measurements posted of the distance from the nose of the cover to the flange face , aprox 12mm , which matches mine , but this is not as easy to measure with the falcon flange on .
    All advice would be greatly appreciated before I fit the replacement cover .

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    I just replaced mine(D1) a couple of day ago too.
    Bearing had a half a mil of lateral clacking, zero fore/aft movement(and noise) tho).
    As I had to redo my harmonic balancer, I thought it was time to finally rid myself of the bearing slack having noticed it a bit over 4 years ago!
    Every service I did keep a check on it, and never got any worse than the first time I noted it tho.

    Anyhow, measured my old cover for 'ya, I got 92mm from flange face(front of) to surface of gasket on the cover.
    I don't have a calibrated measure stick to give you 100% certainty, but ruler(set square) indicated a smidge over 92mm.

    I would say your 93mm measure may be right on tho, as my flange face has a few scores/indentations that could be 0.5mm or so.

    When I did my timing belt(which is when I botched the HB re-install), in the kit came a metal/rubber front cover seal, in a corteco bag.
    The timing case I bought, not original LR tho .. some aftermarket maker .. the dust seal is the all rubber type. Doesn't say corteco on it that I noted.
    nearly 5 years ago when I did first do my timing belt, that seal supplied to me was corteco again, but was the all rubber type.

    I found the metal-rubber type was a bit easier to fit.

    '99 D1 300 Tdi Auto

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