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Thread: Goingbush's Electric Vehicle project

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    Quote Originally Posted by DiscoMick View Post
    Actually, I've been reading magazine reports about people who have converted their houses to all solar and several have bought small electric cars such as Mitsubishis and Nissans, because they can charge them off their houses and get free motoring. [...].
    There are some clever schemes where off peak electricity is charged at a lower rate: e.g. You get home and it is peak time, people cooking etc, you plug your vehicle into the charger and optionally it can feed INTO the grid with any remaining charge (reducing your household consumption at peak rates, acting like a supplementary battery bank). Then when offpeak cheaper price kicks in, the car draws power to charge itself.
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    Yes, that's clever, and there is software which switches the power you generate around to various uses - running the house, charging batteries, heating/cooling, or back to the grid - to maximise the benefit to the user.
    I suppose a car could be put on a timer to recharge when the cost is lowest.
    With EVs having ranges of around 300 kms, but average daily trips only being 50-60kms, recharging should only take maybe 3 hours.
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    I'm no Greenie, geez Ive even deleted the EGR & DPF from my Iveco , That makes me Evil according to the greens .
    I don't think converting my landy to EV even atones for that !

    Have done about 2000km in the EV now and not paid a cent for power / fuel.
    car has a 3.3kw charger , solar array on house / shed is 5kw .

    as for hooking the house up to battery, instead of buying a "power wall' it would be so easy to use the cars battery /BMS to provide night time power to the house .

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