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Thread: EV general discussion

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    EV general discussion

    Quote Originally Posted by PhilipA View Post
    The poor as detailed above can only dream of an EV.
    And probably smart to just keep dreaming - guaranteed way for a poor person to stay poor is to buy a new car. Buying any new car for personal use is probably the worse financial decision anyone can make.

    Now buying a classic car and converting to EV - that sounds more interesting. The RRC (or even a D2) would be my personal choice for an EV conversion when DIY kit prices become more affordable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PhilipA View Post
    I don't really want to make this an epic but you are comparing apples and oranges.
    The cost of a comparable small caris nothing like that of an EV.
    Let's take my own example.
    2019 Honda Jazz with 12KK cost $ 13,000 in Sept 2019.
    expected resale in 10 years maybe $5000.
    fuel about $100 per month or $1200 per year= 12000
    services twice yearly at $210 or $420 per year=4200.( and like many of us poor people I now do my own servicing so this is only $200 per year using synthetic oil)
    Total cost for 10years $24000
    Range 500Km on highway time to fill 5minutes.

    MG EV cost $49000 services say 1000 in 10 years. Resalle value zero.
    Total cost $50000 plus electricity say $30 per month.
    I have ignored tyres ,though EVs are generally harder on tyres than a comparable car as they are heavier.
    I have also ignore Km charge which will have to come in everywhere if passed by the high court. if not there will be some other tax.

    My main objection is that EVs are a subsidy program for the rich. The poor as detailed above can only dream of an EV, while paying fuel excise, registration, etc. in place of EVs.
    Regards PhilipA
    PS a friend's son bought an Ionic 6 and sold it in two weeks due to his frustration at being in queus for recharging. "Recharge Rage" may become a new category of rage.

    Ah, but having a barney with 'er indoors before leaving home should negate the Charging Station Rage issue (either that or it could make it worse & guns come out of the glove box at the station) for a showdown. "Oi, I was here first **** off you)"..

    Not helping am I?

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