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First thing that came up with my google search shows an accepted value of 8kwh to produce one US gallon .

my EV Landy is not what you would call an efficient EV but for the purposes of the argument it used an average of 33kwh per 100km over the last 12 months / 4600km ,

on petrol it used to drink a tad over 20l/100km or 5.28 US gallons /100km 5.28 x 8kwh equiv to 42.25 kwh/100km

Thats just efficiency, As well if we are talking emissions , Petrol / diesel pollutes twice 1st from mining & the refining oil & 2nd from burning the oil when driving the car , so EV clearly better for the environment .

How gas cars use more electricity to go 100 miles than EVs do | Autoblog
Interesting read, however its a totally flawed argument (in this case). Its looking at the energy to produce petrol but not the energy to produce batteries.
It also must assume renewable charging only - as at best the CFPS is running 40% efficiency.

Mining Lithium (even Brine) and processing, mining the Graphite, the diesel burn for all of this, the refining of the diesel, the flights continually to these remote sites....

And finally the reprocessing of the cells at the EOL.

Also an ICE engine can run years with almost 100% of design, within 2 years for example a Telsa is range reduced by 5-10%. 5 years and a new battery will be required. In 5 years the ICE will just need a service as per its schedule.

I'm enjoying watching the tech - its just so damn immature at the moment.