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13th July 2010, 09:28 PM
This is a really good winter beer!!!
Made 3 brews now,very good.
A good quality Stout kit,Coopers do a nice one,not the standard version the one in the "flash" tin.
Add a good stout or dark beer sugar mix.
Add 2 500ml Chocolate Icecream topping syrup,Ive been using Bickfords.
Brew as slow as possible,a heat belt will make it climb out of the airlock!!!!

14th July 2010, 08:29 AM
Hey sounds good mate, here a couple of recipes.


1 can stout mix Coopers Vintage (the flash one;))
1kg can dark dried malt
250ml chocolate topping
200g dried malt additive (optional)

To make life easier with the dried malt additive, put it in a jug and pour boiling hot water over it and stir to dissolve. If you use water that isn't boiling it will clump into a great big ball that will be next to impossible to dissolve.

Next, add all the ingredients to the fermenter and ferment in the normal way. Unlike most stout, this one is ready to drink at about 3 weeks and has a beautiful creamy head.

Approx F.G. 1020 6% alcohol

This one is a bit more time consuming


1 can stout mix (again the one in the flash tin)
500g dark brown sugar
250g lactose
1kg dark dried malt
250g roasted barley
250g flaked barley

In a large container, simmer the cracked roasted barley in 4 litres of water for half an hour. Add the flaked barley and simmer for a further half an hour. Strain the liquid into the fermenter, dissolve the other ingredients and add cold water to make up the volume.

Add yeast and ferment in the normal manner. When finished, bottle, adding one teaspoonful of sugar to each bottle. Store in a warm place. ENJOY!!

Approx F.G. 1025 7% alcohol


14th July 2010, 03:56 PM
Beer Recipes and Resources for Homebrewers. All-Grain, Extract, and Partial Mash Recipes (http://beerrecipes.org/)

i LOVE a good chocolate / coffee / stout..

alas i am not permitted to brew it...

15th July 2010, 08:56 AM
I was given a bottle of a Yorkshire Chocolate stout. Bloody lovely. I had a look for it at the local bottleos. $9 for 500ml. No thanks. The only GOOD local stout left on the market is Cooper's. Also a bit exxy but not too much. Carbine was good as was Abbot's but both have disappeared. Abbot's stout was the only Carlton product I would drink by choice. The rest of their range I would studiously ignore. Tasteless mouthwash brewed to appeal to the tastless majority.