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St Veronus
14th July 2010, 09:12 PM
Here are a few links to recipe databases and books that I use.

Beer Recipator (http://hbd.org/cgi-bin/recipator/recipes)
Brewing Classic Styles *
Clone Brews *
North American Clone Brews *

* = I have a copy if anyone wants a recipe from them

(Mods: Not sure if I can link to other forums, if not, edit out the below)
Northern Brewer Recipes (http://forum.northernbrewer.com/viewforum.php?f=4)
Morebeer Recipes (http://forums.morebeer.com/viewforum.php?f=2)
TastyBrew Recipes (http://www.tastybrew.com/newrcp/styleview.html)

Google is also your friend if looking for a specific beer recipe (clone). If you take that to your Local HomeBrew Shop (LHBS), they should be able to get you close with the ingredients that are available here. I also use a software program called ProMash. In this you can add recipes. I have a decent collection in there that I might be able to send (a few MB in size).

15th July 2010, 09:10 AM
This list is for those that use kits in the can and wort kits and don't have the time to brew from scratch, they are about as close as you will get to the beer that you can buy at the bottle shop or get on tap at your local pub, probably not as good as the brewing style above but still excellent.

Of coarse using the tips below the recipes and as said above experimenting with different hops and flavours will get you a better beer that you can enjoy more than the standard beers produced by the large brewerys.

The Whats' Brewing and Cascade are the kits in the can.

ESB do these as well but they do an excellent wort kit, with these you can adjust the flavour buy just adding more water or less depending on how rich a flavour you want.

Keg Bible (http://www.whatsbrewing.com.au/pages/recipelist.html)


Fresh Wort Kits (http://www.esbeer.com.au/category24_1.htm)

Beer Packs (http://www.esbeer.com.au/category20_1.htm)

Seasonal Fresh Wort Kits (http://www.esbeer.com.au/category26_1.htm)




21st July 2010, 07:51 AM
Coopers Extra Stout

Two cans of Coopers Stout (stand can in boiling water for 10min)
Add 2lts of hot water stir in.
Top up with 18lts of water
When temp is below 30c add both packets of yeast
Leave to ferment as normal
( no sugars to be added )

It turns out very close to Coopers Best Extra stout and only improves with age, bottle or keg as you would normally.

p.s don't be to concerned if it froths out the air lock ( like a volcano )

I have tried this and it makes a very strong flavoured stout, very tastey indeed.

Homebrew Budget Beer
1 tin of Farmland Lager

1.5kg of dectrose/malt/corn syrup mix

Safale s.04 dry ale yeast.

Prepare all the gear, then put it down:twobeers:

Well I must say I'm impressed with how it has turned out, crisp and clear with a very nice bite to it, not the usual 1kg but 1.5kg of dectrose/malt and corn syrup, seems to make the difference.


26th July 2010, 05:31 PM
Newcastle Brown Ale

Ingredients required
1. Morgan’s Amber Ale
2. 500grms of Light Dry Malt
3. 500grms of dextrose
4. Saf Ale Yeast
5. Fuggles Hops
6. 1 Stocking preferably a unused one.
7. Dark ale converter (50 grams of crystal malt & 50 grams of chocolate malt) they usually have it in a kit at the Gaythorne store.
8. Ice

1. Cut off legs of stocking long enough that a knot can be tied in the bottom just below the crutch.
2. Boil stocking for 15-20 mins to get rid of colourings
3. Bring the converter kit to boil in the water in about 2 litres of water stirring constantly otherwise it will stick to the bottom and burn and boil for 15mins.
4. Add a good teaspoon of the Fuggles hops to the mixture when there is 10 mins left to boil.
5. Take off the heat and stick the pot in ice to cool down so it can be handled.
6. Add the wort and sugars
7. Place stocking over fermenter (you might need someone to hold it so it don’t drop into the brew.
8. Pour mixture into vat and squeeze the juice out of the stocking
9. Bring the water level up to 23 litres
10. When cooled down to about 20 -25 degrees add Saf ale yeast and seal.


1: 1 can Black Rock Whispering Wheat
2: 1kg Light Dry Wheat Malt
3: 15g to 20g Curacao Dried Orange Peel
4: 15g Saaz Hops
5: 15g Cascade Hops
6: 15g Ground Coriander
7: Zest of 1 lemon
8: saf wheat yeast

Bring 2 litres of water to the boil & add the dry malt, stir constantly to stop it sticking.
Add the hops, coriander; dried orange peel & lemon zest to pot & slow boil for 15 minutes

Allow to cool & strain into fermenter

Add Black Rock Whispering Wheat can & water to bring up to 21 Litres

Add yeast & stir.

27th November 2010, 03:11 PM
The ingredients used for my James Squire Amber Ale Clone are as follows...

Muntons Blonde 1.5kg.
Amber Malt Extract 1.5kg.
Cluster Hops 5g - boiled for 10 minutes in 250 ml water.
Safale US-05


2nd April 2012, 12:14 PM
A couple more recipes

Fat Yak Clone


1.7kg Coopers Pale Ale
1kg Light Dry Malt
450 g Dextrose (extra 200g from original recipe due to kegging)
15g Cascade hops @10min
15g Nelson Sauvin hops – @10min
15g Nelson Sauvin hops – @0min
15g Cascade hops dry hop
US-05 Yeast


1. Sit Coopers Pale Ale tin in hot water
2. Boil 2.5ltrs of water
3. When water ‘breaks’ add 15grms Cascade Hops and 15g Nelson Sauvin Hops
4. Boil for 10 minutes
5. Take off heat and add 15g Nelson Sauvin Hops
6. Add mixture to wort
7. Mix in 1kg Light Dry Malt slowly to boiled water/hops mix
8. Mix in 450g Dextrose
9. Add Coopers Pale Ale tin
10. Add water to wort to 22 ltrs and test temperature to
between 18-22 degrees
11. Pitch US-05 yeast
12. At day 4 of ferment add 15g Cascade Hops

Beez Neez Clone – Country Brewer Recipe


1.7kg Country Brewer Wal’s Wheat
514 Ale Yeast from Wal’s Wheat Tin
1.5kg Country Brewer Wheat Liquid Malt
200g Dextrose (extra 200g from original recipe due to kegging)
500g Capillano Australian Honey
150g Wheat Grain
12g Pride of Ringwood Finishing Hops


1. Sit Wal’s Wheat Tin, Honey Bottle and Wheat Liquid Malt
Container in Hot water to soften
2. Boil 1.5ltr of water in kettle
3. Place Wheat Grain in 1ltr of boiled water and stand for 15 minutes
4. Steep 12g Pride of Ringwood Finishing Hops in a mug of boiling water for 10 minutes
5. Boil 2.0ltrs of water in kettle and add to wort – re-boil kettle
6. Add 1.5kg Wheat Liquid Malt and 200g Dextrose and stir
7. Strain Grain steep water into wort. Rinse grain into wort with 1ltr boiled water, discard grain
8. Add Wal’s Wheat tin and stir
9. Add 500g Honey and stir
10. Top up wort to 22.5ltrs with cold filtered water
11. Add mug of water and Pride of Ringwood Finishing Hops
12. Check temperature is between 18-24 degrees and pitch Yeast

7th April 2014, 11:04 AM
My Scottish ale all grain recipe, with rolled oats! Nice deep amber to dark copper colour and a good creamy head, malty sweetness, very light bittering and slightly roasty

2 kg *****Aussie ale malt ******
750g ***Crystal light ************
750g ***Rolled oats **************
100g ***Roasted barley *******
30 g ****East Kent Goldings hops for 45 minutes
safale s-04 yeast

single step infusion @ 60°c for 60 minutes boil 60 minutes

cool fermentation @15°C

18th July 2016, 12:16 PM
All grain recipe.
5kg American pale malt
1kg biscuit malt
1kg medium crystal malt
150g dark malt
250g dark crystal malt
100g oatmeal

mash at 64 degrees, for 1:20

boil for 1:30, 35g Fuggles for 1 hr, 25g Willamette dry hop in FV .

Strong ale yeast at 19-25 deg, start at a low temp so it doesn't froth out the air lock too much. Leave on low temp for a day or two then ramp up to 25ish.
you can get a stuck ferment due to the high amount of ingredients, just swish around the FV to reactivate the yeast or add some dextrose in small amounts.

CAUTION, This is a strong beer, around 8-9% depending on the mash/grain crush/ mashing process. I have a grainfather so I am getting good conversion rates from the grain.


2 full vanilla beans cut, scraped and steeped 7n a half bottle of vodka for a few months. Once fermented, put vanilla mix into cleaned FV and add some brown sugar (2-300g) and transfer the beer into the mix making sure to leave the trub in the first FV.

Ed Croft
26th January 2017, 01:38 PM
This looks great! Have tried many times to create a vanilla flavour in a high alcohol beer and have been disappointed. Will give this a go. Might even try a dark rum also.

1st March 2017, 07:24 AM
Nothing fancy about this, but very easy to make and very tasty.

1.7kg Coopers Australian Pale Ale
1kg Brew Enhancer 2
Top up to 23 litres

3 of us did a blind taste test against the commercial Coopers Pale Ale, and couldn't pick the difference.
Colour, head, carbonation, body and flavour were identical.
The only difference I could pick was in aroma, and that was so small as to be nearly identical. While the homebrew didn't have a homebrew smell about it, the Coopers one had a slight "commercial" smell to it.


I'll be trying your Stout recipe soon, Baz. Recently did the Coopers Stout but with only 1 can plus 500g BE2 and 500g BE3. Been in the bottle less than 3 weeks, but very nice. Would like a bit more body to it, which may come with more age, but very drinkable right now.