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26th October 2010, 08:30 AM
I thought I'd make a general winch recovery thread relating to the aspects of rigging in winch recoveries.

A question I have is relating to the use of hand winches with a snatch block pull.

So let's assume I'm stuck in a mud hole and have a nice tree in front of me. I'm stuck in pretty hard with a fully loaded 110 and want to use a double line pull with a snatch block. I'm also not that keen on anchoring the winch to the car for obvious reasons.

My question is, is it ok to put the snatch block on the car. Someone suggested this to me but I was thinking along the lines that you would then be exerting more pulling force on the tree as opposed to the car. Physics has never been one of my good qualities though so I may be way off the mark.

Also let's assume that the tree isn't amazing but it's all we have, so we want to exert as much pulling force on the car if possible.


26th October 2010, 09:37 AM
If the winch and hook are both attached to the same tree, and the block on the car, the force on the tree and car will be equal and opposite.

If you want to spread the load off the tree, you'll need to find two trees/anchors, one for the winch the other for the hook end of the cable.
The car should always be the sole anchor point at one end but you can spread the static anchors over different points as I understand it.

26th October 2010, 10:20 AM
Balance the equation out.
Load, Anchor and Effort.
Load being the Vehicle you are winching, Effort being the winch (or other form of motive effort) and Anchor being, well an anchor point that is used.

If you have a 1000 load spread out on a 2:1 Tackle layout with the Snatch block attached to the load(the Vehicle) you will have 500 Kg on the effort side and 500 Kg Anchor side of the equation.

Spin the Tackle around and Anchor to the load with the effort on the load with the Snatch block on a tree or other immovable object.
You still have 500 Kg on the Effort, 500 Kg on the anchor and 1000Kg on the Tree.

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26th October 2010, 07:53 PM
If your going to go 2:1 onto your vehicle its always a good idea to spread the hook up on the front...

I usually do this with a 5m single leg chain which attaches to the anchor point on either side of the chassis and then use a running bow shackle to attach the snatch block.

If Im going to use the tirfor at the vehicle then I connect the tirfor to one side run through the snatch block and then anchor to the other side of the chassis.

I'll also use the chain single leg to attach to both sides of the chassis to hook the winch rope to if Im going 2:1 through a snatch block back to the vehicle with a winch.