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30th October 2010, 09:03 AM
Hey all,

Just after some noobie brewing advice. I started a Coopers cerveza kit a while ago. It seemed to stop bubbling early. The hydrometer reading has stopped at 1014, which seems high. Also I got called away before I could bottle it, and it has now been in the fermenter for over 2 weeks @ mid 20 degrees. It smells ok, but I don't want to waste time bottling it if it's more than likely a dud.

What you reckon? Bin it? Bottle it?

Also.. When taking readings I notice the bubbler splashes a few small drops back into the wort. Is this going to contaminate it?
Do people remove the bubbler when taking a reading? Or loosen the lid? What do you pros suggest?




30th October 2010, 03:59 PM
That brew will be fine,I constantly leave mine in the fermenter much longer than required.If they are off they stink and have growths.
When taking the hydrometer reading yes loosen the lid.You also need to de-gass the beer before taking the reading by tilting the sample back and forward in the sample glass a dozen times.If you dont the gass bubbles in the beer cling to the hydrometer giving you a false reading.
I havent used a hydrometer for years,I just make sure I give the brew plenty of time to finish(usually waiting for keg space)

30th October 2010, 05:30 PM
As Andy says, bottle it, should be fine.:D