View Full Version : Hand Break Engagement/Sleeve Replacement Query

26th July 2011, 06:14 PM
Need some technical advice. I recently replaced the hand brake sleeve on my 1975, 88 Series 3 SWB Landy, old sleeve had seen better days. Anyway the new sleeve is quite rigid, being thick solid rubber, and when the hand brake is released, the pressure of the new sleeve doesn't allow the brake lever to stay fully "down" and brings it back up one notch/click.

Does this mean that the hand brake is actually engaged when up one notch/click and is OK to drive until the sleeve starts to give a little. There does not seem to be any resistance when driving.

Appreciate any advice on this, and or if anyone has had similar issues when replacing the sleeve.


26th July 2011, 07:54 PM
I take it that by 'sleeve' you mean the boot around the lever.

You can check whether it is dragging or not by feeling if the drum has heated up at all after a run around the block (careful, if it is dragging significantly, it may be very hot!).

I would check the length of the vertical rod - not sure if this is given in the book - but also check that the return spring on it is there and is still pulling when the lever is in the fully off position.