View Full Version : 50's Nostalgia Drive-In Movie Night (Attempt One)

4th March 2012, 06:50 PM
I was quite excited about attending this event, and was looking forward to taking the family to the Drive-in to see a couple of movie's, ogle some hotrods and classic cars, hear a live band, watch some dancing and have a good time. Alas the current QLD weather thwarted us, with the hosting vehicle club abandoning the event on the day.

The thing about the SLOw Club, is I know personally that my fellow companions will not abandon a trip for anything short of a full Category 5 Cyclone, so we still all met up at the start point, and in true 50's style, made the most of what we had been dealt.

First order of the day was some spannering. Ho Hars 101 had a considerably stubborn Rear Salisbury Pinion Nut. After various method were attempted, and our spirits deflated after the best efforts of some Snap-on Rattle guns and turning Sidchrome Breaker bars into banana's, some extra brawn was required. So into the Stage 1 clamber 4 boofy blokes who should know better, heading off to terrorise the locals around town, down to the local Tool shop for a bout of male bonding. After securing some suitable equipment that would have no trouble in loosening even Godzilla's Leatherbound nuts, we braved the local grog shop for refreshments for our Lovely Ladies, and returned to attack again. We had done quite well. So well in fact we turned Ho Har's custom built pinion brace into cheese. Oh Well. We will attempt again tomorrow.

I had my kids in tow, with my poor Son bringing his Girlfriend out on a date to the movies, so I tried to compensate by obtaining some DVD's from the local shop and praying that would suffice. I also let him have his first attempt at driving down the driveway and back, which I think came back to bite me later.

The adults settled in for some Old School entertainment. Nibbles, a couple of drinks and talking. We threw what we had brought into the ring, with TimJ and Wellie bringing some salads and goodies and we all had some dinner. Of course, there were also Syrup Dumplings:D

And the end of the night it was time to go, and the family and I piled back into the Stage1 to return home. It all went well until the end of the drive. The transfer case jumped out of gear and I had no drive. There is a bit of history behind this particular vehicles T/C, and I was seemingly stranded. I phoned the house and Ho Har and Pop came down to rescue me, but I had crawled under the car and managed to get it into low range which got us back to the shed. Being Late, the Ho Hars gave us Big Red to get home and i would come back in the morning to fix it.

Even though the Drive-In itself was cancelled, we still all managed to have a good time. There was even a bit of Cross-Stitch action happening in true 50's style. We will try again next time.

Thanks All.


The ho har's
4th March 2012, 07:11 PM
We had a lovely night with our fellow SLOw members, with lots of laughs:D

Some decided to head off to Ikea for breakfast on Sunday morn, since pop had bought "The black One" all the way down we went in style:D

Tim, Welly, Phil & Cait met us there and another joyous time was had:)

The ho har's
4th March 2012, 07:20 PM
Continuing on....

I hit the wrong button and I have noticed we can't edit posts in the SLOw forum.

When we got home CC was here fixing his Stage 1:) which was driven home under it own steam:)

all the pics I got.....





to those of you who have not tasted Welly's syrup dumplings you are missing out.....

Terrific time was had as usual, with fellow series enthusiasts:D:D

PS the dumplings will be sampled again on the Western NSW trip;)

Mrs hh:angel:

5th March 2012, 07:06 AM
Good to hear you all had a good time.:)

Cheers, Mick.

5th March 2012, 07:15 AM
Shame about the cancelation, but doesn't surprise you all had a good time regardless.

Here's hoping that a rescheduled movie night will happen and I can attend next time.