View Full Version : winch mounting plate

24th April 2012, 08:53 AM
Hi I have and electric winch with standard mounting bolt patern and want to mount it on my ex mil s111 does any body have pics of a mounting plate they have used. Want to make it easy to remove as i would be putting it on just for trips. I have an ebay mounting plate that i can modify/cut to size but want some ideas befoe i cut anything:D

24th April 2012, 10:12 AM
We had a bracket made from 1/2" plate, cut to the full width of the inside section of behind the std bumper, then with 2 sections welded on to fit above and below the top/bottom flanges of the bumper. Bolted through the flanges and replaced the original bumper bolts as well. Had a high mount on a S3 for almost 30 years, used hard and never moved once. Wasn't removable without removing bumper but a smaller winch may be. You just need to also cut the hawser hole through the front of the bumper as well, use synthetic rope and you'll only need the smaller alloy hawse guide rather than the large rollers.