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grey boy
6th May 2012, 04:42 PM
Hi guys I am doing a ground up rebuild on a 1962 2a 109 flat tray ,I would like to convert it to power steering if possible.So I was hoping somebody would be able to tell me is it possible ,what parts I need to source to achieve it and this is the important question is it sacreledge to do it cheers Graeme

6th May 2012, 07:47 PM
I recently removed the power steering system from DeeDee - my S2a. It was a hydraulic ram type where the drag link has a valve arrangement fitting to control hydraulic fluid pressure into a ram connected between the drag link and the chassis. It's a fairly simple arrangement to instal but it limited the steering lock a bit much for my liking. It certainly worked well though.

As to "is it sacrilege", I'd say it might be to some but if it makes the car usable and/or enjoyable for you and gets another S2a on the road, then it's easy enough to modify and then revert to standard if a future sale requires it to be standard. I still have the gear I removed just in case I decide to refit it. Given my current situation of having a broken hand with a cast on it, I wish I hadn't removed the power steering as I can't drive DeDee for a few weeks:(. With the power steering I could. (...and before anyone arcs up, yes I know you shouldn't be driving with a cast on a hand. My wife gives me enough grief without you lot starting up!:mad: ... :D ... :wasntme:)

John B

7th May 2012, 06:30 AM
There is a thread on here about fitting a Land Cruiser power steering assembly to a series vehicle.
A lot of good photographs to go with it too!
I think it was "Banjo" who posted the thread!

Cheers, Mick.

7th May 2012, 10:20 AM
It can be done, as the above posts indicate, but regardless of the approach used, it is going to be relatively expensive and/or a lot of work. With steering gear in good nick and standard tyres, it is hardly necessary in most circumstances - the turning circle of lwb Series Landrovers is more of a problem and has no feasible solution.

My view is that it is unlikely to be worth it - a better option would be to sell the Series vehicle and get a coil sprung Landrover, which mostly have power steering and to which it can easily be fitted.