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28th October 2012, 04:42 PM
Hi all
Wondering has anyone else tried this? If you Keg your brew you always end up with 2-3 liters of beer left over. Rather than throw it out I usually put it into a clean plastic Coke/ Lemonade bottle and prime it with sugar. I was storing the bottles in a warm dark place for several weeks before chucking them in the fridge.

The other day the brewing was falling behind due to work, So I thought why not pour the bottles into a keg? So cleaned a empty keg and tilted it just like you do with a beer glass and slowly filled the keg from the plastic bottles. I then purged the keg leaving it in the fridge overnight with about 20 psi of Co2.

The result was fantastic, a great beer, very clear with a good head. The different brews mixed together make for a very drinkable beer.

As the bottles were already starting to carbonate due to the added sugar the carbonating at 20 psi overnight was all I needed. The following day I released the pressure in the keg and gassed it up to normal pouring pressure and had a perfect result.

Works for me, any thoughts?


28th October 2012, 05:14 PM
If you have fruit trees the left overs a very good baits for fruit fly.Simply half fill a plastic bottle and drill a small hole near the top.Hang in the trees.
I use my dregs on my compost heaps,add a bit of sugar,rinse the fermenters etc,leave for a few hours and tip on the heaps.

19th November 2012, 07:41 AM
G'day home brewers or as the Yanks call it craft brewing

I have been brewing for about 15 years now and dont buy store beer at all.

I have some American friends that live in Aus now but occasionaly go home for visit and all thier relo's carry what is known as Growlers in thier vehicles, when they go to one of the thousands of beer fests they fill up about 6 growlers.

A site well worth having a look at is Yankee brew news
www.yankeebrew.com (http://www.yankeebrew.com)
I had no idea that home brewing was so popular in America.

I have a few favourite recipes and often try out a new one.

My latest is called "Brewers droop" or Super Dry -5.7% 1 Can Colonial lager, 1kg dextrose, 500g light malt, 12g Hallertau hops and 1 dry enzyme.