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8th January 2013, 08:35 PM
Put a deposit down today on a new high line, will pick it up in a couple of weeks:).
So now I'm in the market to accessorise it. First are front bar and canopy, now the canopy is easy, arb smooth surface jobby is the go, but the bar I'm not sure about.
Will more than likely be going an Arb bar (as I'm doing all the wiring on a new Arb store starting tomorrow;)), but undecided which one, I really like the look of the Sahara bar, but the deluxe bar gives more protection. The deluxe bar can also have side bars added if need be.
What have others fitted? Pics would be good too.

8th January 2013, 08:44 PM
I have been looking at these too. Pity they don't make an extended cab 2 door. I like the fuel economy for the diesel. Jim

8th January 2013, 10:02 PM
Give me a bell 2moro on 97861818 I might have a solution that might save a few bucks for you.


8th January 2013, 10:13 PM
have a look for the amorak forum, redback on here is a member and sure a fair bit of info. :)

8th January 2013, 10:15 PM
have a look for the amorak forum, redback on here is a member and sure a fair bit of info. :)

Tried but was closed due to software update, will try later:)

8th January 2013, 10:17 PM
Give me a bell 2moro on 97861818 I might have a solution that might save a few bucks for you.

No concern about the bucks, as I said, wiring up a new Arb store, doin the old barter system:D

12th January 2013, 04:20 PM
Hi Damian

Congrats on the Amarok, Really happy with ours, the towing capability, comfort and fuel consumption along with the handling has both of us very happy. The only dramas so far is they are bigger than they look, parking at the supermarket can become an adventure!

The other minor drama was the paint work had a few faults, lumps in the paint and a bit that looks like it has been cut and polished fairly badly. This has come up on the Amarok forum a few times. (The Silver ones ).

When you pick it up spend some time & go over every inch.

Another thing to check is the screw in tow hook is supplied? Mine was missing from the toolkit & after pointing this out to the salesman he managed to find 2, one for the front and another for the rear.

There are no other points to recover from except the tow bar. The supplied hooks look quite strong and I think be ok for a gentle winch or tow but I wouldn't attempt a full on snatch??

I have so far fitted a brake controller for the van, (Red ARc From ARB), Roof bars, a fire extinguisher & UHF. I managed to fit the extinguisher without any drilling under the rear of the Drivers seat, the roof bars just bolted on and the UHF required a bit more thought.

Running the wires for the power & arial were the worst bit. I Have my ariel temp mounted on the roof bar until I can afford a Bull Bar.

There is a lot of discussion as to fitting tow bars/ Brake controllers on the Amarok forum, If you get it wrong there will be dramas! The Amarok trailer plug senses via a micro switch that a trailer has been hooked up. LED trailer lights can also become a problem. I had to clean up all the earth wires on the caravan to get rid of the globe warning lamp on the dash.

Apart from the above she tows better than any vehicle I have owned, economy is great. Ours is a manual & tells me when to change up or down, It suggest a higher gear a long time before I would normally change, Tried it and it works really well. The torque from the little 2 lt is amazing.

So far the worst thing is the side mirrors, very hard to judge distance when reversing. Should have put the thumb screws in a bit harder and got VW to throw in reversing sensors??

No off road yet & I do not expect the same as the Disco. Mainly due to the long wheel base, Steps & ground clearance. But when the road tire's wear out I might go a bit bigger with some decent all terrains.

I think you will be really happy Good luck.

13th January 2013, 01:07 AM
Mirrors is not a problem as this is the third VW and they all seem to be the same, tow bar however. From what I'm told, no tow bars have been available since before Xmas, have simply run out:eek:
Bull bar and can of pees have been ordered from Arb, so they will go on soon after pick up of the car.
I will have to look into the brake controller and the duel battery system however.
I hope this vehicle isn't that good, could be the end of me in the land rover world:(

B92 8NW
13th January 2013, 10:20 PM
Did you get a manual with low range or a sludge?

14th January 2013, 05:41 AM
Its the wife's car:(

She opted for the manual:D

19th January 2013, 10:08 PM
Have you seen the Xrox front bars for them? Suppose it Dosent matter if your wiring up an ARB store.

Its a pity Land Rover haven't really updated the Defender for awhile, and now waiting 2-3 years is abit long.

Reckon the Amarok is a damn good buy.

19th January 2013, 10:25 PM
Seen that bar, the price is good, but not the lock I'm after. Arb deal is done:)
Need to find a tow bar though, apparently the VW does have been recalled or something. Next on the list is to contact drivesafe re duel battery system, the seikel (?) For lift kit:).
Then need to find the load rating on ve commodore steel rims as they are a direct bolt on, re second set of offraod wheels, if no good, then change the tyres.:)

Hope it all goes well

19th January 2013, 11:27 PM
The $7000 Seikel lift kit??? :cool:

19th January 2013, 11:30 PM
Could you let us know when your all "accesorised" and post a picture?

I'm starting to warm to the idea of an Amarok. Although never had a ute before.

Was at Melville DVG today looking. There was someones bronze coloured ultimate in there, nice looking truck.

The Ausamarok forum looks like Aulro, lots of people keen to help out.

20th January 2013, 09:28 AM
Its actually the missus car, she didn't want a Ute, more after a bigger 4wd, then whilst at VW looking at a toureg she sat in the amarok and rather liked it, win win for me as we put the whole lot through our business:)
Its real nice to drive and very roomy.
No not the $7k kit, the one I'm after is about $1.5k, only lifts it about 30mm with front bar, but apparently you don't want to go much more due the the strain on the cv's.

As for ausamarok, would be great if I could register, I've tried 3 different email addresses and passwords, keeps saying it won't let spammers join, have been in contact with the owner who said he'd set up an account for me, and nothing, no more replies to messages, think I'll call him Monday to see what's going on. I mean come on they let sclarke join :p.

(I think its there new security they are running)