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9th February 2013, 11:24 PM

In the middle of restoring a Ser 2 Ex military SWB for the wife, and as she wants to use it for her drive to the city on the occasional days I'm seriously considering the Heystee disk brake conversion that used Defender disks and calipers. They're not cheep but as the vehicle is running a seriously tweaked TDi and 5 speed I'm thinking it'd b money well spent.
Anyone had any experience of them or have them fitted?

Cheers, Simon.

7th May 2013, 11:54 PM
Not yet, am thinking about it down the track. Just wondering about your conversion though mate. Do you have a write up? How did you fit the 5speed in, moving the engine forward or the gearbox back? Also what t/case did you use?

8th May 2013, 12:34 AM
IIRC the Haystee conversion only converts the front axle to disks but doesn't do anyting about the pedal box or brake booster and may require you to change your wheels to a different profile, at least you used to have to change your wheels about 18 months ago when I was looking at their kit.

You should also look at an engineer certified kit produced here in Sydney by an AULRO member cookey. His kit included ventilated rotors, allowed you to use your oiginal wheels (important for people who want original military appearance) and also upgrades the booster.

Look here: http://www.aulro.com/afvb/technical-chatter/169784-series-disc-brake-conversion-i-did-my-way.html Gary has a long history of commercial 4WD modifications and is a long time Land Rover enthusiast from his time as a RAEME craftsman in the 1970s.

12th May 2013, 02:19 PM
Mmmm, interesting. Have sent a PM to Garry. Cheers for that Lotz-A-Landies. It was a while since I looked at that thread... He's progressed!! As for SWIMBo's project reubsrover, I've got a thread running called 'SWIMBO's Ser 2 Tdi' or something like that.. Have not quite got that far yet, but have done several when living in the UK.. Both had the engine left where it should be, (the Series engine mount plates bolt onto the Tdi in the same place), use the top thermostat housing of the 2.286, then all hoses stay the same. I use a Defender LT 77 gearbox as it has the short bell housing which then puts the gear levers in roughly the right place, and I run an LT230 transfer box with 1.222:1 ratio. Plan to use 1.192:1 in this vehicle if I can find one as it'll b a rag top and has a tweaked Tdi so should go well. Both gearbox X members get chopped out and a new one gets put in to suit the 5 speed. I then just mod the props to suit. Some say that you can't run the older axle in full time 4x4 applications due to the uni joint setup... I've never had a prob. The only time you get kick is on full lock in first with your foot down.. ( something you shouldn't be doing anyway!). Hope this helps.. Cheers for now.