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19th March 2013, 11:55 AM
Howdy all, my other car is a VW golf gti, its just started doing something weird with headlights. Normally they are auto and go off and on themselves. for some reason though, they wont turn off, are always on when car is on. even if i try to actually turn them off, they dont turn off. main beams function as normal. Its very weird. I am wondering if a fuse has blown somewhere but last timei fiddled with the fuses in it i had all sorts of fun times haha. Has anybody encountered a problem like this?

19th March 2013, 12:32 PM
ED, mine's a Golf MkIV, and the "daytime running lamps" is an option in the settings menu - so the headlamps are on whenever the ignition is running.

Not sure if you have that user accessible option on the MkV, that has been inadvertantly activated?

19th March 2013, 12:53 PM
that is also what i was wondering, there are settings there to fiddle around with. will be checking there first i think.

19th March 2013, 06:44 PM
reset it all to factory settings and still does it. so weird. the sunvisor mirror light is always on too. might have to take it somewhere

3rd April 2013, 11:43 AM
well i have concluded that my golf is infact, drunk. i have no clue what on earth is wrong with it, the headlights wont go off, no matter what i fiddle with in the settings, now they have taken to blowing and then fixing themselves next time i start the car...
is all very weird. the alarm also randomly went off twice lastnight, but after going out there, openign the door starting it and then shutting down andlocking, its not happened again. the drivers mirror light in the visor that is only meant to come on when mirror opens is also weird, it comes on just when pull visor down. which makes it annoying to use the visor. im assuming i must have a bad earth somewhere or something. might have to take it to a shop as i seriously have no clue. so going to have to wait until ive sold my boat before i can afford to take it to get looked at by hte professionals lol. see how many more gremlins can join the party until then!!

3rd April 2013, 01:28 PM
Do you have VCDS?

I would think the Light Control Module will have recorded a fault or two. All light are controlled by the LCM (including the visor beauty light), they are not controlled by the individual switches - the LCM receives a signal from the relevant switch and turns the light on/off/dim/what ever.

The loss of auto function would be a problem with the light sensor (back of center mirror facing the wind screen) or LCM. Maybe the wire between the two but unlikely.

The headlights "blowing" and coming back on will be the LCM thinking there is a short, it disconnects circuits based on load (if functioning correctly). On restart it will try the circuit again.

The Day Time Running lights function will be obvious. The dash lights do not come on with DRLs. MKV Golf has 2 modes for DRLs available - North America which has the low beam + front parkers, or Skandi which has tail light as well.

At first read it sounds like a faulty LCM.

VW electronics are OBD2 standard for the entire car (LR are only the engine ECU), the LCM faults can be read and cleared by nearly any standard OBD2 scanner.

Are you on VWWatercooled.org ? Maybe one of us will be near you?

3rd April 2013, 04:53 PM
thanks :) i am not on VWwatercooled. been looking for a good VW forum to join. interior lights are on as well and satnav thing is in night mode constantly. ill try get my hands on a scanner to plug it up somewhere lol

3rd April 2013, 05:06 PM
google driver beta?

3rd April 2013, 06:17 PM
ill try get my hands on a scanner to plug it up somewhere lol

I have one that should talk to it.

3rd April 2013, 06:33 PM
thanks :) i am not on VWwatercooled. been looking for a good VW forum to join. interior lights are on as well and satnav thing is in night mode constantly. ill try get my hands on a scanner to plug it up somewhere lol

Right, so that's not DRLs. 1st step is to scan the LCM for faults. Still my 1st guess.

What’s the battery like? Alternator charging? These are two items easy to check and rule out (multimeter). Poor voltage will cause interesting issues, I don’t think it is alternator but rule it out anyway.

If you are interested in 2nd hand parts, start looking for a wrecked MK5 (try UK sites) the SAME as yours. There are differences between early and later MK5 electronics – don’t mix and match.

VW forums; VWWatercooled is the best out there, you won’t find anywhere near the level of help or knowledge of AULRO, the VW scene is very different, it is more ‘Take it to the dealer’, modify your car for bling instead of usefulness, obviously has to do with the people the brand attracts. In saying that there are a couple of regulars that know their stuff – I unfortunately don’t visit regularly, only when I need help really :o.

If you have offers on here for scanning, grab it – I have VCDS but I’m not really handy to you

4th April 2013, 08:43 AM
yeah if anybody isnt too far away and haas a scanner they dont mind plugging into it id be really thankful lol.

i think thats why i gave up on the VW forums, they never seemed to be really helpful or super friendly lol. gave up before got to VWwatercooled though. I am sus of my battery, i remember about a year ago it randomly wouldnt start once. and it showed poor voltage. Showed poor voltage for a while but once jump started and driven it never didnt start the car again. i thikn its no coincidence all this has started happening since the cold nights have begun as well. and its not garaged here at the moment unfortunately.

4th April 2013, 06:11 PM
If the battery is old, replace it. It is an easy item to eliminate and may be the issue. Your right, be getting cold in SA now, that's when batteries give up.

Personally I didn't experience strange things when my Golf battery was degrading, but batteries go in different ways and knowing how Hall Effect switching works, I know poor voltage creates all kinds of funny issues.

My L322 was doing all kinds of crazy stuff before the battery was replaced.

Our Golf received its 3rd battery last winter, I removed all the cold climate panels inside the battery box, fitted a much bugger battery in which was similar in price but 20%ish more capacity. The battery supplier here told me the panels are really only for cold countries where they wake up in -15 deg. End of the day its a calcium battery just like in our LRs - the L322 has nothing around it.

4th April 2013, 07:42 PM
yeah if anybody isnt too far away and haas a scanner they dont mind plugging into it id be really thankful lol.

Are my posts invisible? Or is Adelaide too far from Mt Barker? I will be going to Bridgewater either tomorrow night or Saturday morning, I could take my scan tool with me.

4th April 2013, 08:42 PM
sorry didnt realise you were in adelaide! not everything has been loading for me though as only got fast internet again today. i can meet you in bridgewater with it somewhere though ,if you dont mind that is. adelaides a bit far for me to drive to at the minute after a long drive today. bridgewater is nto too far though.

4th April 2013, 08:48 PM
At the top right of any post is the location of the poster.

I will let you know when I am heading up. PM me your contact number.

5th April 2013, 08:42 AM
yeah i didnt have that bit loaded for the last 2 weeks with slow internet :) i basically had everytihng in one huge single lined sentence that went out of my screen haha. will do!

17th April 2013, 07:23 PM
well now my ecomony has just disappeared :( i need to sell my boat ASAP so i can take it somewhere and let the professionals have a look :(

15th June 2013, 07:30 PM
well isnt this car just one big bucket of fun :(

demister/heater does not work, makes weird noise. very dangerous though when car fogs up! think the vents do not open :( boot gets wet, cannot find where leaking from as all boot seals/rear window seals all perfect. so has to be getting in from elseware. i cannot find it and have pulled it all out :( back seat still out as drivers side foam was saturated! gets into the right side of the boot and heads down! it also no longer tells me if i am not wearing a seat belt :(

i have no idea, i cannot afford to take it anywhere yet, hoping it holds on until tax time and i get enough back to send it to the pros :( getting rather upset with it. it is frustrating. is such a nice car, i have no idea why everything is like not working right. maybe its been hanging with me too long and is falling apart out of sympathy!

16th June 2013, 08:13 AM
Sorry but, get rid of it. Mine is gone, the worst car Ive ever owned.

Unfortunately the AC is a common fault, the compressor disintegrates internally and pumps metal fragments through the system, from experience VW want over 2200 to fix it, was 1500 aftermarket, only good news was because so many fail the auto AC place had plenty of complete systems in stock.

After replacing the throttle body, alternator (not repairable $1300), AC system, and 3 breakdowns due to injector failure ($2k, and is only now become a recall), enough was enough for us. First 6 years was faultless, and then VW reliability kicked in. Add to that the fact you need special tools for everything, try replacing the rear brake pads 2 special tools required FOR CONSUMABLE ITEMS! When the alternator crapped out, tried to get the drive belt off so could see what was going on, special tool required WTF!!

16th June 2013, 10:23 AM
Have a look at the tail lights for the water leak. My taillight had water in it last winter - presumably it could get into the car as well.

16th June 2013, 10:45 AM
is on the hit list for today after some googling! going to see if its getting in behind the tail light!
the issue is though its a brilliant car for me with my disabilities, though, i keep thinking about selling it and just having my disco and pano. but cannot really sell it with these things wrong with it. have to try fix them first. its been brilliant and it does not break down, it does keep running. i have heard need special tools for most stuff, ive been able to maintain/service easily enough myself so far. replaced pvc valve not long ago and that was easy. not got to brakes or anything yet though!