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12th April 2013, 07:18 PM
Here's an old photo of some of the 1:24 Land Rovers I have.


The RRCs are really hard to find, usually between the price of $80 to $110. The Series is a Monogram from 1986 and I have never seen another one so am glad that I grabbed it for $70 as soon as I saw it.
I am currently building a replica of my Dad's Caspian Blue `89 RRC for him and will add photos of that when it is done.

Have since added another 4 door RRC to the collection and I will be buying a Italeri RRC 2 door to remake the ute (which was a 4 door model). There are roughly 4 different kits of parts in the ute so far, all of which were almost as rare as the RRC, I have put around $350 into it so far. :o


9th September 2013, 05:09 PM
Ok, thought I would post up some progress I have made on the 'replica' of my Dad's `89. As I don't have an airbrush yet, the colour is way off Caspian Blue but that's not important, considering I wasn't going overboard with making this a 100% accurate replica.



This is before the pearl clear


And after the clear


In shade it looks quite similar to Caspian Blue.


The chassis is complete but was damaged when we moved house so I have to fix that up and also have to tint the windows. Which will give me a few things to do while I wait for the clear to cure properly so I can polish and detail the rest of the body etc.