View Full Version : Went for a drive on the weekend(not off road though)

18th January 2004, 09:05 PM
Mission statement: Drive from nowra to tarcutta then sydney and back to nowra.

I left early saturday morning bound for tarcutta to pick up my mates motorbike for him. I would be towing a trailer all the way.


Upon leaving tarcutta the wind picked up and gave us a massive tailwind all the way back to sydney. Below is something I don't see everyday, and it was up hill aswell.


I was very happy and able to hold 110kmh on a wiff of throttle. While I was in sydney with the bike trailer I thought I might aswell give another mate a lift back from eastern creek after a ride day.


All up I used 180litres of optimax for 1020kms, I was glad I wasn't paying for fuel.

19th January 2004, 05:28 AM
And that's with a tailwind!!
Tell us about the bikes,,,
its abit hard to tell what the last one is,,

19th January 2004, 09:24 PM
The first pic is of my old bike which is a 93 gsxr110wp that I turned into a streetfighter plus one of my mountain bikes.

The second pic is my mates 01 gsxr1000 with 147hp at the back wheel and a top speed of about 305kmh

20th January 2004, 07:12 AM
scarey **** 305kph :!:

"I'm more of a cruiser man myself"

Last bike was an 1100 Virago, nice and grunty
was a bastard to keep clean though,,,

20th January 2004, 11:30 AM
Hey Lewy

Judging by the Nowra references and the pussers number plates look like you are out at 'tross :?:

Great area, Nowra for 4x4ing. It is what got me into it. Getting worse by the year with tracks being closed. But still great fun. The fire trails around Yawal are a blast in the wet.

Talking about bikes I really miss my CB1100RC. I kick myself regularly about selling it. Bit out gunned by today's machines but a bueat bike to ride. Being 6'2" I find the new bikes a little small and light for what I like.


20th January 2004, 09:02 PM
g'day pirate

Yeah i am at the 'tross, and yes your right about the tracks in and around nowra heaps of places to go.

I once got bogged about 100m from maccas in south nowra while playing in the mud.

I am 6'2' aswell and find the new bikes a bit on the small side, I rode a new cbr600rr at oran park and it was tiny.