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15th May 2004, 10:04 PM
I'm looking at buying a Discovery S1 TDi. I have heard that the running costs can be quite substancial. Is this true?
How many km's should one expect to get from it? (and I know, "how long is piece of string") and what sort of things should I be looking for?

Thanks for your reply, in advance.

16th May 2004, 07:47 AM
Ive got the 97 model and i used to get 800+ kms out of an eighty? litre tank when i was in the city. Theyve got great fuel economy and ive never had a problem mechnically speaking (touches wood). Make sure you get a decent one thats had the right timing belt changes and dosent have excessive backlash in the gears and you should be on a good thing. One other thing is mine appears to sit fairly low in its suspension but that just gives me a good excuse for a lift kit.

16th May 2004, 08:18 AM
I had one for a while too. I agree with the 800km + on a fill (the tank is 88 litres). Mine had to have the fromt diff reco'd at about 200kkm but appart from that it was mechanically a very solid piece of kit.
I miss the 150 degree heater and the minus 20 degree aircon and the extra comfort of the disco. I drive a defender now.
The defender will kill the disco out of the box in most off road situations, but the disco can be made into a supurb beastie as I'm sure regular disco drivers will attest to.
There is plenty of after-market goodies that can be added.

Go for it... buy the beastie.

16th May 2004, 03:40 PM
Whoa, thats a really big call, defender "kill" disco straight out of the box.... Hmm mate i beg to differ, considering they are two completely different vehicles, .... but any how

Mate ive got a 93 200tdi, aside from just having the timing belt done the running costs are very little, great mileage and if you are slightly mechanically inclined with the Landrover workshop manual , a haynes and AULRO i recon you will do ok.

Like any vehicle they have their problems, - all diesels need to have their timing belts changed at certain intevals. they have problems with imput gears - see the post in this forum -

SO long as you change your oils and filters regularly you should be fine.

Things that can go wrong - injectors may need cleaning on older vehicles, timing belt every 100,000km, and at that time flush radiator - make sure you have the "brass plug" in the top of your radiator as the plastic ones get brittle and will bugger up leaving you with a cooked disco - now thats expensive.

Turbo- just try to not swicth off directly after long hard drives, let it cool - and oil up first, high low problems, the high low selector lever sometimes freeses up - make sure you use it regulalry (good reason to get dirty)

Corrosion - beteen fuel tank and body (top of tank) water leeks - like all landrovers - usually around the windscreen or the rear alpine lights.

for what you will pay - between 6 and 26 grand you are without a doubt getting one of the best value for money 4x4's on the road,


16th May 2004, 04:08 PM
Thanks guys and ChatterBox for the info.

PS Nice pics ChatterBox.

16th May 2004, 04:10 PM
I have a 97 TDI, done 89,000 km's, had all the mods completed, fuel pump gear, cam belt, gearbox etc.

I have had a couple of Disco's both TDI's, when I lived in the UK, been in Aussie for 5 years and should have bought one when I first arrived. Played with a Jackeroo, a Pajero and a Hilux but the BEST beyond doubt for an all round 4x4 out of the box is the Disco. I went for TDI S, no electronics, all basic mechanical stuff. Excelent fuel economy, cheap to maintain, most stuff can be done by your own fair hands, keep it filled with water, well oiled with good quality lube oil, changed regualalry, every 5,000 kms and it will last for ever, well almost ever. Bloody good 4x4. Even take on a Defender and certainly be more comfortable for Mum! Bye on you won't be dissapointed. Take notice of the advise already given and you will be right!