View Full Version : VW / VAG service outer brisbane northside

22nd July 2014, 01:25 PM
anyone know of a decent vw / vag service mob in the outer northern suburbs of brisbane / redcliffe / etc?

22nd July 2014, 03:09 PM
not that far north. I use P&P at Cooparoo. Jimmy Mac is mobile but I doubt he will travel that far as he's flat out now.

22nd July 2014, 05:06 PM
ta muchly

they seem a popular mob but a right royal pain to get to from here

andwas trying to avoid going to the big smoke and all it's traffic hassles.

someone mentioned someone at geebung on another site


nice truck but the logistics are starting to **** me off....

23rd July 2014, 04:44 PM
Can second Jmac for service. He use to come up the coast to service an IT groups cars cnae or similar. Northern volks at Kawana are my choice on the coast.

17th September 2014, 09:38 PM
had the timing belt etc replaced and dsg serviced at german auto's at geebung today.

seem to have done a dam fine job...

well priced as well.