View Full Version : D2 with ARB Bullbar recovery points?

20th August 2014, 03:40 PM
I researched this issue at length yesterday on here and elsewhere and have found a lot of information on this issue, and some of it out of date. I'll précis my findings below as it may save someone else a lot of time.

Front Recovery Points:

The best system I have found is the Les Richmond Automotive 20mm plates with hooks for $190 the pair. The link is Recovery Gear (http://www.lrautomotive.com.au/contents/en-us/d170.html)

M.R. Automotive sell their 12mm plates for $66 the pair. The link is http://www.mrautomotive.com.au/maxidrive.ph (http://www.mrautomotive.com.au/maxidrive.ph)

APT Fabrications sell their 12mm dogleg plates for $120 the pair. See link APT Fabrication for Land Rover parts - APT Recovery Points - Dog Leg | Discovery 1 & 2 | Range Rover (http://aptfabrication.com.au/4x4-recovery-gear/product/271-apt-recovery-points-dog-leg-discovery-1-2-range-rover)

A member on here "Philco" used to make 12mm plates but doesn't anymore? he does still make them for $75 the pair, see link Australian Land Rover Owners (http://www.aulro.com/afvb/) > Recommended Suppliers (http://www.aulro.com/afvb/recommended-suppliers/) > The Verandah (http://www.aulro.com/afvb/verandah/) https://www.aulro.com/afvb/images/imported/2014/08/659.jpg (http://www.aulro.com/afvb/verandah/108967-recovery-points-discovery-1-2-a.html) recovery points discovery 1 and 2

A company in the US recommend JATE rings as D2 recovery points for $44 US each. The link is prodjate (http://www.landroverstuff.com/prodjate.htm)

Expedition Exchange in the US sell shackle points that mount on a flat surface for $35 US each. See link Expedition Exchange Incorporated :: Recovery Gear :: Shackle Mounting Bracket (SM:cool: (http://www.expeditionexchange.com/cart/product.php?productid=18578&cat=268&page=2)

None of the above systems are RATED.

Further I don't know if the systems above will fit with my ARB Deluxe Bullbar?

ARB do make recovery points at approx. $300-400 that are rated but they don't make anything for a D2.

Rear Recovery Points:

The best system I could find for the D2 is to utilise my standard towbar and insert a DOBINSONS AUSTRALIAN STANDARD RECOVERY TOW HITCH TOW BAR with 4.75T BOW SHACKLE or similar.

The JATE ring link above also says they can used on the rear of a D2.