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9th November 2015, 06:10 PM
I want to get a kegging system can anyone suggest things to look out for? best systems. I only really basic gear nothing too fancy, single tap. How are the $300 jobbies from ebay?

10th November 2015, 06:12 AM
That's all I use. I bought my gas bottle and swap it over when needed. I run the 18 litre cornelius kegs which I keep in the fridge, then I have a tap through the side of the fridge and I'm done.

The lines, reg, kegs, etc I bought from eBay. I go to U brew it to brew my beer and they just swap 3 empty kegs for the clean sterilised units each time, with new seals. If I'm lucky, they swap me one of my kegs for something different so I can have 2 beers on the go. ;)

Simple and effective.

10th November 2015, 06:35 AM

Thats pretty much what I wanted to hear.

I wont be going to a "u brew" place, I've been making beer for years but am sick of bottling and having 100s of bottles laying around. So I want to get a couple kegs and try it all that way. Some of the systems are very pricey though! But if the cheap ones on fleabay are ok then I'm in! :)

10th November 2015, 07:24 AM
Just remember to clean the seal and look after the lid, the cheap chinese kegs with the spring loaded lid can become loose and can leak more than the coca cola kegs, so get the coke kegs, don't be drawn in by how cheap the chinese kegs are and don't compromise on the other gear, like taps, regs and lines.

10th November 2015, 07:49 AM
Was looking at the Mangrove Jacks 2 keg, 1 tap system. About $475 delivered

10th November 2015, 08:55 AM
That looks like a good high quality setup, you can still get the Coke kegs on Ebay, just got to look more carefully and make sure it says on the keg



I did what you are doing, spent a bit more and found the good quality gear, all my kegs are the older style cornelius style Coke kegs with the screw lids, and I have one of the old Penfolds wine kegs also with cornelius fittings(45lts)

Anyway can't go wrong with that Mangroves Jack setup, you love how easy it is after bottling for years, the best thing is it's only 20 to 30hrs of carbonating (depending on the amount of beer)and it's ready to drink:twobeers:

Check with your brew supplier on carbonating times, I always check around the 18hr mark and then every hour after that, it depends on how cold the keg is on carbonating times also, the colder the keg of beer is, the faster the carbonating time is, have a look at this, personally I don't shake to carbonate, but alot do.


10th November 2015, 09:52 AM
Dont do it.....
Drink too much.
Yes i have one....
And yes i like it.
At 55c a glass.

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16th November 2015, 01:21 PM
OK it got here finally! Now to set it up and wait for a batch of beer to be ready for kegging!

https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/hL6ri5b7su4c9JnKOJTW-LXDK7TxoNaJ_fzXZpkoQYzn6Dji133dLXtTx8ZckoGua_rZOPp fz_T39V0JTXYniz-_Wpo9NL8NTiT-cVDFSLbAnywyRTiuBXUKQaNXkP_GQ12FMRHf0dU4UJPmV0QfBP aZzh8EKoRb-6L4SHM0rFkoEIB7MBomErmpsy39LJZfRpvINgvJLa9y_Cgy1jE 7NyDD22TlJx50dW3JDyT7wYoQfoW-_TIZRy-Thnaup-YbbnXkuq0U3DsDAcWO3Fu1-p6NJvnLyt9epapPITu7GSIWOXoTXTxf5S9SnGxfsBXj5m54We3 484UmbkAXTrn9eQleKFFKBXIYqZiZh96y8gofrdUiiwcdKT1-gQHnRVQErUSxDFzpcbq1nUeR4USslYn32XE9rXY2OYNQnJnzBX Uu1cohAHsVqxfhRdDZWCS_2MC8SbUcD37NyGB-JOut_8fHKGkjSQmxWWUpEt8aZmPmXaCDVcipgFR8V2W1UJaXjI dfuwMriG4jL1E2Dm4cMMr4iRcZzgvXHw2ixlISCGKD=w552-h981-no

That is a poooor photo. Stupid phone.

Wish Me luck cause I"m about to go and drill holes in my fridge! :D

16th November 2015, 04:06 PM
You be right.

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