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16th November 2016, 12:01 PM
Now the kids are old enough to start doing some decent walks, I'm thinking about getting 2 x 2 man hiking tents. Don't need to be top of the range, but don't want crap either. Any suggestions on style/make/model/supplier?

Aaron IIA
16th November 2016, 12:48 PM
I would suggest a low profile tunnel tent rather than a high dome tent. The lower tents stand up better to the wind. I have found that formed/curved aluminium poles last longer than flexible fibreglass poles.


16th November 2016, 01:42 PM
Lightweight 2pole max dome tent. Alloy poles, not fibre.

Lightweight for the obvious reasons and they pack up small for your backpack.

2pole max dome because they are free standing for when you are on terrain that wont let you get pegs into the ground and you can carry less tent pegs to reduce weight, and when you setup/pack down in the rain they are as fast as you can get.

Alloy poles so they don't break and are still light.

I really like tents like this:
Quick to put up, light weight, 2 pegs requried, can get really good draft through from any wind angle., light.

Companion Pro Hiker 2 Person Tent (http://www.bunyips.com.au/product/3-companion-pro-hiker-2-person-tent)


16th November 2016, 02:00 PM
I'd be aiming for under 2kg....remember you will be the mule for the kids.

given most hiking is done in winter you might want to consider a solid inner which means you can get away with a higher rated sleeping bag.....mesh inner will let the cool in

If you buy quality first up it will still be good for when the kids depart.

I would aim for a 3 season tent.....

I'm happy with the one planet goondi tents, we got a 2P and a 3P......wish we hadn't got the three now as the younger two are not interested in hiking.....although not cheap.


3P maybe useful for camping in tropical weather as its mesh and gives the two of us a little more room.

Consider vestibule size in case of bad weather, dual entry is also handy.

The one slunnie posted is nicely priced.

Pocket Rocket
16th November 2016, 09:57 PM
We've always used the Denali tents from Anaconda. Taken them mountain bike camping many times. Really lightweight and never leaked. Bought out first one (4 season tent) in 2008 and we're still using it. Also got a 3 season tent for in the summer which is even better. The kids had their own tents which weighed just over 1kg. Anaconda regularly do % off sales so wait for a sale. They have a good range of varying weights and styles. When we bought ours we went into the shop and asked of we could set up all their tents and they agreed. From there we could compare and choose the best one for our situation.

16th November 2016, 10:21 PM

I've had the old model for years, never had any dramas. Mainly in warmer climates, goes fine in rain and wind with all the guide ropes out. I did a 5 day hike with it in the backpack - worked fine and slept 2 in a couple like manner.