View Full Version : Land Rover and Brewing!

Ed Croft
26th January 2017, 01:30 PM
Hi I have just joined the AULRO and was looking through and saw the Brewers Den.
I have a 130 and I am an all grain brewer. I love both things with a passion. This is my third Landy. I had a 2001 TD5 Xtreme station wagon which I had to sell when three baby seats would not fit across the back. I turned to brewing to get over it. Owned a Series III ute with a Holden conversion which the wife made me sell as not really being a practical work vehicle (I am a teacher/ pretend farmer). Recently (last October) finally convinced the wife that I needed a bigger ute than the Navara we had and she found the 130 on an auction site. Helps if they choose. I have been brewing celebratory beers ever since! Though I really don't need an excuse to brew it does help to get the wife stewing about "bloody beer".
Looking forward to checking out the Brewers Den.
Ed in WA