View Full Version : Any Members of AHB (AussieHomeBrewer)?

11th July 2017, 06:43 PM
Hi all,
Long story short, I am having trouble contacting the AHB Forum Admins.
I joined some months ago and had trouble signing in a few times so I proceeded to change my password to see if my forgetfulness was the issue.
It appears I may have done this too often as I now receive a message saying I have been banned!
I don't think I actually even posted a first post, so I assume I haven't offended anyone. Perhaps caught in a bot or spam trawl.
That said, I have tried to send an email to the Forum help email but it bounced. I've posted on their FB Page, but appears that no one actually uses it.

If anyone is a member, I'd appreciate if you could contact them on my behalf.


12th July 2017, 01:40 PM
Roger, hadnt heard of AHB before but i will register and see if i can help with your login.
What is your username, pm if you like.