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14th September 2017, 03:31 PM
About a week ago an acquaintance told me that his LH low beam was out on his 2005 E46 BMW 325 convertible .

He said that he had been told by 3 different workshops that the whole headlight assembly had to be replaced!
I thought that that sounded like BS to me and told him so. He is completely computer illiterate so I had a look and saw that the low beams are H7s.
So I offered to get it out for him and found that it is an Osram H7 HID, with the transformer nestled at the back of it. They are projector low beams
I told him to go to the BMW dealer and get a new one, as it was cloudy in the envelope. I did this as he doesn't own a computer and the idea of buying on Ebay is just a foreign language to him.

The wires to the transformer insulation had also become brittle and fallen off near the connector so it would need some TLC with some liquid tape or just electrical tape. I don't know if the transformer is OK.

I had a look at Pelican Parts and the BMW branded bulb is USD 100+ so I shudder to think what the dealer will charge him. It should be a 10 minute job for a mechanic to replace it, but I bet he doesn't get out of it for less than Oh $300-400. FOR A BLOODY LIGHT BULB.
Regards Philip A

14th September 2017, 08:03 PM
He rang me tonight to thank me and advised that Worthington BMW had quoted him $485 for a genuine bulb , but were going to fit an Osram for about $300.
Regards Philip A