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4th September 2019, 05:08 PM
any tractor knowledgeable people know anything about the International B414 diesel tractors ?

what to look out for etc if buying one ...


one i am looking at isnt this flash :p

4th September 2019, 05:15 PM
I had one in an earlier life (early 1970s) - 4cyl diesel, very reliable, very handy, 3pl & pto - didn't need any work other than regular maintenance. IIRC mostly SAE (at least externally).

I ran a rear blade, chisel plough and Howard pto RH and used it for subcontracting lawn establishment in Canberra.

I'll be interested to see how you go with it :)

5th September 2019, 10:27 AM
We had the smaller model (B275) when I was a kid, we got it second hand, it would have been 10 - 15 years old when we got it. The motor surged excessively on idle, we had the fuel pump rebuilt which helped with the surging a lot. I remember it needing a lot of glow plug to start. I can't remember whether it had a two stage clutch or not, but suspect it did. Ours didn't have a tacho, which didn't matter much, until you want to know what speed the PTO is running at. Overall ours was very reliable, just a bit hard to start. We were in a cooler climate area though. (upper murray valley, Victoria)
Cheers, Mick.

20th September 2019, 11:30 AM
I have a 434 Inter that I just use around 5acres. I've had it for a few years. Is there anything in particular you wanted to know ?

Stoney creek tractors will have parts, parts are cheap on ebay. A full inframe rebuild kit for the motor on mine was $430 through wagga tractors on ebay (I couldn't rebuild my B&S motor on the mower for that). The brakes work a lot better with the new brake discs available on ebay (no the rivet on discs... they new discs with glued on compound). I only have brakes on one side at the moment as the other side was so rusty, the linkages broke the 1st time I stepped on the brake pedal.

The hydraulics are strong... It just seems to work. They are bitch to start in cold weather. The glow plug setup is a 5th glowplug as the glowplug indicator .... If the glow plug indicator doesn't glow, the series glow plugs are not working. If its warm outside .... 45seconds will do it. If its cold..... 90seconds is better (very brutal on the battery).

The seem to have plenty of power and pull hard if you put a ripper behind them. I was surprised to find even the draft control worked on mine. it picks up the implement just as the wheels start spinning with the diff lock in.

The clutch drags randomly on mine ... so I'm guessing at some point I'll need to split the tractor and go through the clutch (its a 2 stage clutch). The PTO lever is also broken so it'll "fall" out when you have the mower on the overrun with no load. I just need to fab up a lever for it (it doesn't jump out fortunatly, as they would be wear in the PTO engagement shaft).

YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0r8_4oyMNEtsXuHbWgKRXA)

this guy is brilliant. he covers rebuilding the brakes,etc...

shane L.