View Full Version : Fiat Multipa 600D model with a nice story

7th April 2020, 12:09 PM
I received this model last week and there is a nice story attached to it.

Bruce is a retired geologist and fellow Alfa owner, who Iíve known for a number of years.

In the late 1960ís he and a friend Stuart drove from Australia to London in a Fiat Multipa, an upsized family version of the 500 Bambino.

In his retirement Bruce scanned the photos of their trip and put them up on Flickr. A few years later Brumm Models an Italian maker of collectable die-cast models contacted Bruce and asked if they could make a limited edition model of the car. Bruce agreed and a run of 250 was produced.

Over the years Bruce had lost contact with Stuart and at his request Brumm inserted a small note with each model with his contact details and that he was wanted to regain contact or find out what happened to him. As a result Bruce was able to make contact again with Stuart who was also retired in Florida.