1st May 2020, 10:39 AM
Seeing I had time on my hands I did a couple of hypotheticals on a replacement for my D2if anything were to happen to it.
being a Pensioner with small super, I am a bit sceptical of D3 D4 because of the "contingent liability" involved if the engine should throw a crank or the auto need a rebuild. I hate the idea of having to lift the body to get to components as there are very few specialists on the Central Coast who would have the lifting equipment and the headroom. ( and I really object to having to farm out work I can do myself)

Seeing as I am over 70 now! I think I will not be doing any really hard 4Wd like climbing Mt Walker. Maybe Mt Pinnibar will be toughest. The main use will be touring towing my camper trailer up dirt roads etc.

So I have been looking at 2011-2013 Kia Sorento and Hyundai SantaFe . They had a CDL but no low ratio although the auto should compensate. They also have a full size spare and really excellent fuel economy.

Imagine my surprise when I find they seem to have VERY expensive problems with the splines in the transfer case failing with 22 hours labour plus parts ( about 5K!) and the rear diff clutch failing again big dollars.

It became clearer when the culprit is a Borg Warner design. I laughed out loud when I saw the splines as it was exactly the same problem that is common in the rear output shaft of RRC with the Borg Warner transfer.
So less enthusiasm now.

An unusual outsider is of all things a Porsche Cayenne S at about 2009. Cheap as chips at about $15K for a say 140-160Kk one !
They have low ratio transfer, traction control etc.
No major problems with the V8 apparently and gearbox OK (ZF six speed)?. However pretty sure have a space saver. Also v8 has 3 count em fuel pumps. If similar to a 928 then your eyes water at their price.
Only big problem apparently wet ECU when the rear window washer hose breaks in freezing conditions . When I had my 924 Turbo I found the parts to be pretty reasonable. Although it was 20years ago I recall that a double fan shroud was $115 and airfreight from Germany in about 3 days . I was amazed.
Has anyone had any direct experience with either of these?
Hypothetical all this but interested in suggestions and comments of contenders at about 15K.
Regards PhilipA
I just got prices for fuel pumps from Pelican Parts who are a great US BMW and Porsche supplier. About USD 286 each R and L plus freight I guess so not too bad.

1st May 2020, 12:01 PM
The 6-speed ZF gearbox problems between 2008 and when LR changed to the 8-speed occurred in all ZF-built 6-speeds, not just LR versions. However at least 1 vehicle manufacturer changed to recommending LG8 in their 6-speeds which seems to have avoided the problems but I can't currently recall the manufacturer.

1st May 2020, 02:01 PM
I just got prices for fuel pumps from Pelican Parts who are a great US BMW and Porsche supplier. About USD 286 each R and L plus freight I guess so not too bad.

At current exchange rate of say 0.64 plus duty plus estimated freight & other handling charges plus GST comes to AU$640 EACH rounded off.

1st May 2020, 03:08 PM
Full disclosure!! I am similar age to PhilipA[bigwhistle]. In 2015 my P38 went to Tassie with GregH. I had to make a change because I wasn't well at all and could no longer maintain the vehicle as I wanted to. I bought a 2 month old demo (2000km on the clock) 2015 Santa Fe mid range "Elite" with the 2.2 CRD turbo "R" engine, 6sp auto (Hyundai's own design). It came with a genuine Hyundai towbar and the optional HD rear springs. About the same time, elderly parents on both sides of the family necessitated lots of trips (15+) between BNE-SYD-CBR. Now has over 80,000km. Not one warranty issue, original battery, no appreciable oil loss between 15km services, original tyres and brake pads. I keep meticulous records[wink11] and overall fuel consumption at 80k km is 7.9 L/100km. Varies between 6.5 on a trip to 9 for longer range (>20km) urban travel.

I was seriously considering a "demo" run-out Disco Sport, but for the same specs the Disco was about $30k dearer and at that time only 3 yrs warranty vs 5 yrs for the Hyundai. I've seen quite a few (SFs) on the highway towing caravans and camper trailers and on a couple of occasions spoke to said drivers at rest stops. The spline issues have never been raised as a problem. There is a 2000Kg limit for towing. Personally, I've towed about 650kg max without electric brakes and it handles it very well.. The Kia equivalent is a very good vehicle also and normally comes with a 7 yr warranty. It has essentially the same running gear as the Santa Fe. series

PS If you can stretch to the DM2 series 2015 onwards, it's an improvement on the DM (2013->) series. The R engine cam shafts are chain driven. The engine has had solid reviews in the commercial automotive press. I can't work out whether or not it has a DPF... there's no mention of one in the owner's manual for that model!